Triffic Premier League Thread (still sponsored by Eddie Yates)


Ian Bowyer
For as long as Tim Ream is playing for Fulham we don't have to worry about them staying up.

Can't believe they have gone into a season with him starting the first game.



Stuart Pearce
Bournemouth and Fulham will both go down, its all about who joins them IMO.

I'd probably have us as favourites to go down with them at the moment, but a lot can change between now and the end of August. 4+ points in August (including avoiding defeat at Everton) and 3 more quality signings and we'll have half a chance IMO.


Ian Bowyer
Fulham giving a good account of themselves so far here. Palhinha looks a good signing.
He looks a fantastic signing. Has run the midfield.

Pereira adding some attacking threat from midfield too.

Impressive display so far and exactly what you should do against Liverpool. Go direct from the back rather than play your way out.


Geoff Thomas
Poor Klopp, half of his brain is alrerady busy with thinking about whom to blame for the defeat. I can't stand his whining, brilliant coach but with no spine when he's not winnning.
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