New Kits 22/23


Ian Bowyer
I agree, I think Macron have done them dirty.

They are also templates used by a few teams last season.

The home kit especially is almost exactly the same as Hadjuk Split's away kit last season



Super Koopa
Man City one is nice. Too simple and inoffensive to be a shocker.

The Palace ones are dreadful. What's the point in putting your home colours in the away and 3rd kits? Who did that before, was it Southampton or Villa or someone. Weird.

Captain Sinister

Senior doom Monger
There was a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning about supply-chain failures meaning many clubs have yet to get supplies of any of their replica shirts for the new season. Palace apparantly have received none, and don't expect any to arrive until November.
Emphasises once again that globalisation is not such a great economic feature and that "new localism" is possibly the best way forward.
Crikey, we once led the world in textile and clothing manufacture.
English hill sheep wool was the finest in the world - better even than merino wool, and the damp climate of the north-west made it ideal for spinning yarns and manufacturing cloth.
Mind you, I am not advocating replica shirts be made from fine English wool!


Orel Mangala Fan Club
Birmingham looking like they're fond of Windows 95 or.....gulp! Swastikas

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Yeah…Nike haven‘t really thought that through, have they?

Shades of the England away shirt from 2 or 3 years ago but the darker colours make it look a bit, well, dodgy.
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