New Kits 22/23

bristol tricky

First Team Squad
I thought this season's was bad enough!


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Jack Armstrong
If they want to find out how a dull white Jersey can be interesting and refreshing each year, they could take a look at Real Madrid.

That's a pyjama, not a football jersey

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Ian Bowyer
The collar and sleeve ends are too big. Makes it look crap. Would be decent if they were toned down a bit.


Has he singed yet?
Yeah, West Ham shouldn't really deviate too much from the classic claret shirt and blue arms. Looks a bit shit.


Ian Bowyer
I have never liked Claret & Blue in general. I wonder why it's so popular with football clubs as it's a weird combo which you rarely see anywhere else.

Djed the Red

Jack Burkitt
I am going against the grain here by saying I like the flash of neon on the Spurs shirt, it is the only thing that makes it slightly interesting.

I admire the effort on the West Ham kit, they tried something different for a change but the collar and sleeve ends are far too thick and the sleeve printing should have been bigger to cover more of the sleeve.
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