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Gaff Lad


Back once again
To be fair, and I know plenty of them, they are.

I've not yet had one who hasn't shaken my hand and congratulated Forest telling me how pleased they are that a proper football club like Forest is back where they belong.

Fair do to them for that.
Mate of mine is a Saints fan. He watched the playoff final in the pub with some of the London Forest fans and was delighted we were promoted.


oopsy daisy!
They might not be quite so accommodating when we invite them to the City Ground and smash them 5-0. 😝
I think I've told this before but it's worth repeating.

My son , when he was a toddler, used to go to a 'football' coaching session run by Southampton as a community initiative. It was really good fun and I had a great time laughing with the coach.

The season they got promoted they stuffed us at our place and the following week according to my wife, my son took a bit of gentle ribbing, not that it bothered him.
The following week, after a little bit of coaching of his own from his dad, just as they began, my 4 year old boy marched up to coach in front of everyone and quite loudly told him 'You may have beaten us last week but, (tapping the stars on his shirt) we've got two of these and you'll never even get one.' :)

Next time I saw the coach he p****d himself recounting it and said we were dead right and Forest were a proper club.


They are a good bunch who, by and large, remember that they don't have a right to anything in football. They've been through the mill themselves and remember it.


Gaff Lad
I remember that final game of the season at the City Ground in 2009 where we beat them and they were relegated, at full time their fans all applauded us which I thought was extremely classy from them
Yes I remember that. I was sat in lower brigford right next to them that day. For saying they were heading down to the third division there was no bitterness from them, yep they're a decent bunch.


John Robertson
I think I remember some Southampton fans celebrating the Forest goals in that match in 2009. 😂 I for one, welcome them as our new rivals; they actually seem to have a sense of humour, unlike Derby's mardy fans.
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