Southampton FC - The Actual Rivals of NFFC


A none cap wonder
Yeah but i can't be arsed to even think about West Ham. Can we not have something like Ajax or Telstar. Away games are easy to get to wherever in the world you live and would be fun.


Geoff Thomas
In the middleages there was a steady flow of migrants from Derby to Southampton (previously known as "Southtown". They taught them the art of poking sheep. They loved it, but soon realised they preferred pigs due to the musky scent of the animal and its familiarity with the towns smell.
They renamed to town SoutHAMpton in honour of the growing number of half breed inhabitants.
Rumour has it you can trace a direct blood line to Le Tissier and Ian Dowie as examples of such half breeds. Alan Ball also notably being another half breed which used to speak native "shitish" and squeal similar to the native tongue of his forefathers.
Their home shirt (red/white) is also proof as prior to modern fibers and clothing technology, after a few rainy days, the red and white would mix and they've have a pink shirt honoring the pride of their pig poking past.
We are Southampton haters, pig, pig, pig staggers!!!


John Robertson
I like the idea of calling them pig shaggers as it is reminiscent of that old rivalry we had with the ‘sheep shaggers’. I forget the real name of their team as they’ve been irrelevant for so long.

Plus ‘pig shaggers’ will really confuse them.

Master Yates

John Robertson
I do like the idea of them being utterly confused by us calling them pig shaggers.

“Are they singing….pig shaggers??!? Why?”

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