Proper Football in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s before those w***ers at Sky ruined it. (Sponsored by ADMIRAL sportswear)

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Geoff Thomas
I want to know how this story plays out


Gaff Lad

Had couple of lunchtime beers with forum member Duncan McKenzie. Duncan kindly lent me this wonderful book.
With his kind permission I thought I'd share a few pages on this thread.


Grenville Morris
A slight error there-the first Swindon game was at the City Ground and finished 0-0.Peter Hindley scored
in the replay at Swindon which finished 1-1.
The third game was played at Villa Park which Forest won 3-0.
I remember attending the league fixture against West Ham at the City Ground 2 days before the Monday
night game at Villa-the Trent End were in full voice singing-
We’ll beat Swindon
We’ll beat Swindon
We’ll beat Swindon Monday night
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