Proper Football in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s before those w***ers at Sky ruined it. (Sponsored by ADMIRAL sportswear)


Gaff Lad
I thought it was time to resurrect this thread due to the fact the old one died and disappeared with old forum.

Please feel free to post anything pre Sky. Grounds, kits, fans, Newspapers, Commentators, your memories of proper football etc.







First Team Squad

These guys were a lot better than they were ever given credit for... often just watching the actual game and not surrounded by half a dozen monitors with views from several angles.
What always amazes me about old photos is just how old people look. Motty is 33 there apparently and looks late 40s and Gerry Harrison looks like he could be his dad.

Brian Moore looks about 90 😆


Viv Anderson
Is it my imagination, or did Highfield Road used to have a dugout with an opening in the top like a tank.

I’ve got vivid memories of John Sillett poking his head out of tank-like dugout in the 80s but I’m fucked if I’ve ever managed to find photographic evidence in occasional Google frenzies to validate what might be a very strange hallucination of my youth.


Gaff Lad

Phil Chisnall, first player to touch the ball on MOTD.
Was transferred from Man Utd to Liverpool, and was the last player to be transferred between to the two clubs.


Grenville Morris
Now I’ve finally figured out how to attach photos I can’t think of any good ones to post!
How about this one - Forest fans in Pitesti (Rumania) 79-80?View attachment 14463
Yes,that looks right-we won the 2nd leg 2-1 away in the 2nd Round on the way to our 2nd European Cup
success.My friend went to this game and said it was one of the most miserable places on earth.
The match was played during the day-there wasn’t much work done during those 2 hours!
I managed to get to the games in Berlin,Amsterdam and Madrid later in the tournament.
Great days!


Gaff Lad
One of my favourite Forest games ever - first game of season Aug 78 - boiling hot - Champions of England versus newly promoted Spurs and their new Argentinian world champions. Over 41,000 kids around edge of pitch. Admiral shirt for Rocka. Glory days.
Yes I remember it well, I was sat in the East Stand behind the Spurs fans. I remember Spurs players receiving a ticker tape reception from their fans. I think the game ended up as a draw if my memory serves me correct.
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