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No wonder my post count..
Hi people.

You might know me. You might not.

If not you will soon.

I've been picked by the LTLF gods to keep a dystopian eye on you miserable fools. It's the condition of this forum making a long awaited comeback.

1) If there's no source, post it in the Transfer Banter thread. See, I do look nicely upon you deadbeats.

2) Likewise, any rumours coming from Nottingham Forest Rumours will be moved. Also, if your 'source' is Wikipedia, I'll kill you.

3) Stop. Look. Listen. Has someone else got there before you? If you ignore this and create one anyway, it will be merged by my brand new ACME merge hammer. You won't be punished, but I will take you off my christmas card list.

4) If you feel Forest should be looking at a player, that's an ok reason. However, use valid reasoning. No one line threads simply stating:
Women are harder to woo in Nottingham, Titus Bramble's up for a challenge. How about it? #ITK LOLZ
That won't be received well by anyone. Plus you'll be off my christmas card list.

5) If you act like an arsehole, prepare to be treated like one. Respect your fellow users, otherwise Mr. and Mrs. Spank will be paying a short sharp trip to Bottyland.

6) As stu stated, new users can't start new threads until they hit a certain post count. If you are one of these users, fear not, for you can still post in the poo rumours thread.

7) New Rule as of December 2013 - Please, no managerial threads. While to some extent a new manager is a "transfer", news or suggestion of an appointment most certainly does not belong in here.
This is Gary signing off.
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