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I am a Valencia fan (though their recent struggles thanks to the owner, coupled with Forests great season has meant I havent paid much attention to them the last season or two) but I can tell you one thing for sure, Valencias academy knows how to train Left Backs, Jordi Alba, Juan Bernat, Jose Gaya and Toni Lato have all come through the ranks there and are either playing at a top level elsewhere or are in the First Team at Valencia, for the past 10+ years they have had an academy product be the first choice LB (sometimes LW as well, because the two players were that good) for the first team.

Ive heard of Vazquez and he has a good reputation, but I don't think hes played much first team football, Valencias financial situation means they need to sell several players and getting Vazquez off the books might mean they don't have to sell as many first team players


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google translate having a mare.. actual transcript.." I say chaps , do you mind awfully if we take your association footballer Jesus to play at the WFCG .. we are hard at the thought and christ do we need him now spuds are trying to reinstall 'cockney' into our boy Spence"

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A Valencia supporting business acquaintance said he's potentially a great attacking fullback though still raw, and they are indeed in the brown stuff financially.

He's not heard a thing about us enquiring though.
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