Good luck tomorrow

Mr. Blonde

Jack Armstrong
And for the season, nice to see you back up there
Thanks a lot WO.

No disrespect to them but it's criminal to me that you've got clubs like Brentford in the Premier League whereas a massive club like Wednesday is down in League One. I remember the pain of being in that league only too well.

Hope to see the Owls join Forest in the PL soon.


Stuart Pearce
Do you know. I'm so completely hooked on the Prem these days, I couldn't tell you any results in the bottom three leagues.

What I do know is that, following their relegation from the National League to the National League (North) King's Lynn Town went to Bradford Park Avenue (a real rave from the grave there) to win 1-0. Some cheer from the Linnets in a day of darkness.
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