Gonçalo Ramos


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Although we definitely do need a top quality striker so it might be only a touch on the heavy side this fee.

Having said that, I have never even heard of the bloke.


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Before we lay this down to rest, could someone bring it to the attention of one Alf-engelos Mindminackers, please. I wanna test a theory of mine. :LOL:


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that fee is crazy but he is a future star. he’ll pick the bigger clubs anyway.

(and whoever will pay more)


Stuart Pearce
IF this is true and as long as Coops/Dane have suggested it then I'm all in. Fuck the past , fuck Mendes (he owes us big time right now).


just like that!

Heffing Psycho!

Stuart Pearce
Believe it when it's backed up by an English source or someone like Romano. Record has history of chucking our name on the front cover. They did the same with Slimani earlier on in the summer.
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