Monthly Prediction League


just like that!

Other people have mentioned there is a problem with Tapatalk and getting alerts from mentions. There's a lot of buck-passing on who's a fault it could be 😁

It might be worth checking your Tapatalk setting in your IOS app - in 'Subscriptions and Notifications' - to check 'mentioned me' is enabled


I'll keep mentioning you, maybe it will work one day!

Captain Sinister

Senior doom Monger
A simple proposition...


Each month you have to predict how many points we'll take in the calendar month...

2pts for a correct guess.
1pt for within a point of the correct total.
1pt bonus if your correct guess is more than 2pts clear of the average predictions.

Entries must be made before the day of the first game.

I'll run the spreadsheet.

Anyone up for this?
I'll give it 5!
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