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Steve Chettle
Just got my tax return bill from my accountant in Greece. I'd forgotten about that. How sweet of her to remember.

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Gaff Lad
I popped to Burton today to get some swimming shorts for my jollies. As I approached the escalator two youths aged about 16/17yrs pushed past me and Geordie. They both noticed my Forest top, one of them pointed at and laughed. They weren't wearing colours but I'm guessing they could be 5haggers.

As they both got on the escalator the fat lad tripped over and crashed into his skinny pal knocking him over. No words need.

A couple of minutes later as they passed me by as i was looking at the shorts, me and Geordie whistled the Laurel and Hardy theme tune. 😁


Your name vill also go on ze list

Holiday ready 😬


Youth Team
I’ve just driven through the Centre of the Universe aka Long Eaton, and for the first time in a long time, seen a bloke in a D***y shirt! A pristine white one! Can’t have had much use, otherwise I need to track him down to see which washing powder he uses. Anyway, they must be starting to feel a bit braver now and are crawling back up above the surface. 🐏🐑🐏🐑🐏
I’ve just seen another one on the way home! 😢 Long Eaton is being over-run!
I'm going to Long Eaton on Monday and Thursday next week, I'll sort the bugger out when I find him.
Rocka, do you know anyone with industrial-sized containers of bleach? I think drastic measures are needed now to save Long Eaton for future generations! 😜

Homer is a Red

First Team Squad
Had a meeting with one of my pension advisors, transfer value dropped over 30% in six months!!!
This after I told them I wanted to move it at the beginning of this year but the FCA don't allow that without proper advice which has taken 6 months to get!!!
Fortunately not intending to dip into it for several years yet, but can't help feeling hard done to by the FCA!
Anyone with DB pension schemes would be well advised to check up on them! (Topic for the financial thread)

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Steve Chettle
Bit of string and a door , bobs your uncle.

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Had to smile to myself the bloke behind me was asking someone how old you have to be before you get free dental treatment. I didn't have the heart to tell him.

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Steve Chettle
I've just been mugged....

Sat on the dunes at Marazion eating a Cornish pasty while my wife had a Danish pastry. I finished me pasty and she gave me the last of her Danish.

I'd had one bite, but before I could have another, it was gone before I knew what had happened.
A seagull snuck up behind and with incredible accuracy and deftness flew over the top of me and swiped it out of my hand.

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Orel Mangala Fan Club
Today is the Pride Parade in Stuttgart, it is known as Christopher Street Day (borrowing a phrase from the US) and the large German conglomerate sponsored a float in the parade, populated by colleagues from our LGBTQ+ network, so I went along to give them some support, not that they really needed it, because it was fabulous, as they say.

Now I’ve adjourned to the Biergarten, because you have to, don’t you?


Highlight of the day for me was some religious bigots in the Schloßplatz getting absolutely destroyed by an assortment of flamboyantly-dressed parade-goers, it was fantastic to watch their Neanderthal arguments being ripped to shreds.

The Biergarten has run up the Pride flag for the day, and it’s just a really happy, laid-back vibe.
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