The continued demise of League 1 (formerly known as Wayne Rooney's) Derby County (in administration)

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Confirmation in Percy's latest article that Derby have agreed a deal with the HMRC that means that they won't be paying the full amount (doesn't say how much they actually are paying though).

Should have been made to pay back every penny IMO.
I’m glad in a way coz they will join Leicester as being the scabby tramps of the East Midlands that defrauded the public


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I must have the straightest (or worst) accountants in the world - I have my own business and I get no advice on how to pay less tax... others I know in the same boat do get away with some shady-ish things (wife taking tax free amount as a director and not doing any work etc) but then again I believe in paying your way and doing the right things. I passed on money I got for COVID relief to my staff even though I could quite easily have trousered it and not said a word.
I do love the verb "to trouser" - straight from the pages of Private Eye! 😆😃

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Krystian Bielik gone to Brum on a season-long loan.

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It frees up some wage space. He’s meant to be on 20k

The wage budget is suggested to be 12k max weekly wage, with a total of 8 million a season.


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Derby are entering the season in better shape than I would have hoped, but I still think they will find it harder than they think. Top six finish not by any means a shoe in. They'll have to adapt quickly, and players like McGoldrick and Collins will need to be on their best form throughout the season and avoid injury.

Think Hourihane will be their main barometer of success though. If they keep him fit, happy and playing well then he will be one of if not the best player in the league.
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