Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

Newcastle vs FOREST

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Your name vill also go on ze list
Not implying it’s a bad thing. Sticking the ball in the net is the aim of the game and he’s been good at it when called upon.

Just thought most people would be expecting Awoyini to be the main man.
Didn’t think for a second you were Anubis 👍,

after watching Sam you can see he’s got something,

I’m not armed with the information but I’d like to think his goals per chance stands up and his attitude under provocation seemed sound, comes across as the type defenders hate as you can’t get them off their game easily.

Steve B

Geoff Thomas
One To Watch.
As none of us know anything about these prem teams, thought id share some intel.
Up front Newcastle have something called an Almiron from the planet Almira. It scuttles across the ground very quickly and it’s long neck means it will be a threat from headers.

Gyros Peter

First Team Squad
A more retro lineup display, but I'm going:


My logic is Colback needs to start against his old side, but I don't like him and O'Brien together in the middle - nothing against Tofollo, he did well enough at LB in our cup run too.

BJ and Lingard interchanging to back up the main striker - more often than not it would be BJ higher.

Interested to see what Steve does - he knows a bit more than me about these things!
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