Monthly Prediction League


just like that!
OK, we're Open...


Players to date: @Raymondo Ponte' @Buildabonfire177 @Rockabilly @Dan_Bristol @Judge @Bonalair @Cloughie1975 @Darrenforest1976 @T.B.T. @RedDogChris @Cortez the Killer @NFFCMagz @Quntib Hollox @HBB @Harrogate Red @derbyshirered @RedinScotland

Want to play? Just let me know in a post below.

How to play? Just post your prediction for the month on this thread before kick-off for the first game on the month. I'll collect them all and I'll share a table of the points and link you in to confirm I got it right.

What are the Rules? See post #1 on this thread.

Can I discuss my prediction on this thread? yes, please do. I'm sure we're all eager to know what you're thinking about the month ahead.



just like that!
I'm just testing my exporter to make a table and mention people!

Here are the posters so far and their predicted points - can anyone confirm if they got a notification of this post?

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