LTLF Premier League Predictor 2022/23


just like that!
All these little cliques springing up. Some posters will be very put off by all this.

There are just 3 different 'games' associated with the season, they look at the season from different perspectives.

the game, as they are:

1) the 'Super Bru' results predictor - predict scores for each and every EPL game
2) the official 'EPL Fantasy Football' game - build a team from all leagues players
3) the 'Monthly Predictor League' - guess how many points Forest will accrue each month

There's overlap in all of them, how do they become a clique?
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All these little cliques springing up. Some posters will be very put off by all this.

Harvey announced in the game that he was closing his league down so i created a new one so that people could continue to play should Harvey actually delete his league.

Harvey's 2 posts in game

Sorry but I have to close this

Which is why I set up the new league straight away.

And then we got a more detailed message

I had hoped to run a pool for the LTLF members for 2022-23 but unfortunately due to my own indiscretions I have been banned from said forum and so am unable to do so.

I've been reliably informed by a source on said forum that Stu has set up a pool so I would advise anyone interested in this to go there and sign up to his pool.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but some people are just incompatible with public forums and you'll be much better served under the stewardship of someone who has run one for many years.

I love you all, I really do. And I'm sorry.

Hopefully the original league stands so we don't have to mess about getting people into the new league, but I can't force Harvey to keep the league open it's totally under his control.

This is the link to the original league and this is the backup league should the original be deleted


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Just to clarify, 'cliques' was a joke. Didn't someone recently leave us complaining that the forum was riven with cliques?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, no malice intended. I'm feeling good so a bit light-hearted.
It has been mentioned before, it has to be said, much to the puzzlement of the Forum Moderators, because we hate everyone equally.

* Lies


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man Harvz didn’t even make it till our first game?

Well atleast I was able to have brief conversations with him again. Hope he’s alright.
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