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Geoff Thomas
their fans voted with their feet - there were many empty seats for their game last night & it looked they had closed one end as well. No wonder they had to sell their 2 best players.

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Geoff Thomas
Huddersfield Town Fan Comments. V Burnley 22/23 Champ season

Shame we play so many night games

We just don't look like creating a chance

We don’t get pens so move on

Good. We need an horrible bastard in the team

Wow Sorba you have been crap.

I can say honestly that we have absolutely no chance of scoring.

This has been a complete bumming. Embarrassing.
Refs a ****

God this ref is fucking shit

Brilliant tackle.

We are not going to get any marginal decisions this season.


That was a good tackle. What is the ref playing at?

Ref's a reet twat

To be honest this is what i expected as cant let your best two players go and not replace them with similar quality

No shots on target yet again

And zero entertainment

Don’t be fooled into thinking Burnley were good. We’ve been terrible.

Beaten by a much better side. 0-1 a good result, not a chance created all game. Their keeper could have spent the game on a sun lounger. Hopefully they’re the best team in the league by some distance.

I assure you they won’t be. We made them look good. They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs with that squad.

Not a single shot on target.


Interesting that we seem to be carrying baggage from the play off final. Absolutely nowhere near in the first half with most of our team from last season. The new players need to start next week.
Was John Moss the ref?


Jack Burkitt
I came on here expecting this thread to be bumped, not disappointed lol. They must be spitting tintacks

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First Team Squad
Looks likely he’s broken his contract and shafted us because the Forest owner has offered him a better position. So nothing to do with our ambition because he knew what we were about when he renewed his contract.

No issue with that particularly other than it appears he’s gone about it in such a way that instead of being clear about the situation and us letting him talk to them, he’s resigned so we’re not due any compensation from Marianakis.

Cheers Carlos.

Here's a thought, if Carlos does go to the Olympiacos, was contact made before the Playoff Final? - UTT.

Haven’t you got some more players to sign Mr Marinakis?

Its our fault for letting anyone do that to us.

All the players were under contract so if we didnt want to sell them we could...
I feel physically sick
So he lied through his teeth as he did have a job lined up. Blokes a prick 😂 hope he gets sacked after 3 months.



Geoff Thomas
"Think if the plan was to appoint him without the expense of giving Town the compensation due ( which IMO it was ) then theyre not so daft that they'd just move him straight into the job.
They'd wait for the first convenient opportunity and losing in the CL is an ideal one. If not that then first time they lose a league game.

They've fucked us over basically , or are trying to."

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