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Calvin Plummer

Viv Anderson
Nothing to fear after last nights showing but we equally need to be better than the performance we put on,

Just enjoy it. Another day at Wembley. We are lucky. Some clubs will go their entire history never competing in a play off final.

Never, ever, want to see Town lose, but Trees will be firm favourites and are arguably the better side. On the basis that I never want to see Town lose, it would not be the worst thing ever to avoid weekly beatings in Prem.

Bring em on, they're not unbeatable - UTT.

I can’t say Id still be happy if we lose. Nothing beats that elation of a playoff win after such a long season of battling against everything, budget constraints, media dissing us at every available opportunity shite bias refs we deserve this and I along with thousands of others connected to this beautiful club do too.

I'm not buying into the whole v Forest narrative...however the odds at the bookies are just baffling at the moment. Completely ignoring the fact that Forest actually lost last night and we placed above them through the season

Forest aren't Liverpool, they're just an established championship side who have had a good season,

Last night showed Forest are not invincible and they wobbled under the pressure of expectation.

They will have magnificent support on the day and no doubt 5k at least more than us, but that could equally go against them if we can get a foothold in the game

Let them keep the hype and believe they only have to turn up to get promoted. It often doesn’t work out like that.

We’ve been at our best all season when we’ve soaked up the opposition attacks, worked out where the gaps are and countered at pace. We’ve also done well later in games when the opposition tires. I think these tactics are probably our best chance of a result against a very dynamic Forest attack. Happy to trust Carlos, we need to be better than we were against Luton, but we have it in us to beat Forest.

Serious question..

Will our players be forming a guard of honour for “the former kings of England “ before the game? Personally I think once they score their eighth goal Carlos will throw the white towel ont pitch to save us from further embarrassment..

We can only hope to bask in their glory for a short period before the inevitable happens..

Really wanted it to be Sheff U before last night but having watched it I think Forest are better for us. Sheff U's midfield was strong and took over in the second half, that might have been a problem for us.
Forest not only tired but looked as though the expectation had really got to them. The space that Berge had is where Sorba will hopefully be operating, and they will find our set pieces a real nightmare. If we are level after an hour I think we are favourites.
Think of the outrage if the mighty Forest don't take their rightful place at the top table.

Think the first 60-70 minutes are absolutely crucial to our chances. Forest like to fly out of the traps, energetically pressing and trying to go at teams from the off, but from what I’ve seen lately look absolutely out on their feet around the hour mark. If we’re still in the game at that point I fancy us to win.

The media furore over Forest and the complete lack of expectation around us suits me right down to the ground. All the pressure is on them.

Forest crap at set piece defending and we are pretty good at them

Also Samba... That boy has more than one mistake in him a game. He was outstanding last night no doubt but I have a feeling he will have a bit of a shocker against us. That back 4 in front of him are pretty average.

Forests asset is pace on the wings and the no. 9 Davis I think was excellent when he came on. A handful.

Nullify that and we win. Carlos will have a plan. He always does.

Not scared whatsoever. Bring it on.

For me they have 2 good players - Spence and Johnson - the rest are no better that Town have

Just seen an article on the unexamined. It’s says the media bias is justified because the trees haven’t been in the top flight for 22 years? So if that’s the justification why the media bias when we got promoted to the top flight after a 46 year absence? Nottingham is a northern town Gary Neville? Where was our “media coverage?” Fucking dog shit response examiner shake yer head have a word! We are the town and we are going up

Back 4 pretty average is doing them a disservice to be honest - Worrall is very good and will certainly be off to the prem if they don’t go up. They’ve conceded 7 less than us this season after having a shocking start.

Don’t judge their last performance as their quality over the whole season.

90th minute winner I can see , either rhodes or Holmes to score, jumping into stand celebrating with us and Holmes gives the wanker sign towards the forest fans and see them lot cry and start the fireworks.

We’ve got a good habit of not conceding when under pressure and scoring a set piece winner

Add to that in our last 4 appearances in the play off finals we’ve scored 0, conceded 3 but been promoted 3 times - never write us off!

The key advantage we hold over them is fitness & resilience. In both semis they looked leggy as fuck after 60 min and were a yard off the pace all over the pitch, and with better finishing the Blades would have killed them off. If we can keep them at bay for that long then the more time drags on, the more it will favour us.

Sheff Utd we’re 0/4 finals & Forest have never been in a play off final which I find bizarre!

We have nothing to fear, yes, they are a good side & the manager is as good as he is ugly, but we are a good side too, with a half decent manager to boot.

They may be the bookies favourites but serious gamblers will likely be on us.... we finished above them, have a seriously good play off record & have a much better record over the last 5 or 6 games. The pressure is all on Forest, who, apparently, only have to turn up to win.

I believe they edge it on individual skill but I'd back our team spirit over anyone's.

The only comment I will make is Forest will be more nervous than us, if we can press from the off and get an early goal, Hugh pressure will mount on Forest, they know we are good at seeing out games, and a defence to die for.

Another plus for us is the V.A.R, it is very handy to have, when you have bent refs and not get the important decisions you deserve.

If we win and go up, would we become a yo-yo club?

Any news on their injury list? I think they’ve got Davis back now.

Yes he's back but the rest I suspect we won't hear, be silence from both camps not giving anything away I'd suspect

Got to fancy us here. All the pressure & weight of history on Forest. They’ve bottled it once this year at Bournemouth and did their best in the semi.

Was also thinking that we have one big factor in our favour. Carlos on the touch line - far better looking than Cooper. You saw it when Forest blew it against Bournemouth - players looking to the touchline and seeing Cooper next to Parker, who I think is a very good looking geezer, and you could see their heads drop. Those are the fine margins that can make the difference.

It's not exactly going well for Gareth 'I'm a handsome lion" Ainsworth

The pressure and weight of expectation is all on Forest from their own fans and the media. Lots of social media posts trying to wind Town fans up about how many tickets we’ve sold etc.

For me, we go down there as underdogs despite our experiences. This should suit us. Whatever happens, all the social media posts, sound bites, media snipes mean jack; the result on the pitch is what matters and if we shithouse a 1-0 win, NO-ONE and NOTHING can change that we would be winners in the history books.

Pressure is all on them with this "premier league exiles" bullshit

Plus we've been to the prem recently and we know its a bit shit

Forest fans have a shit day watching their team get pumped and we ruin the party atmosphere in the Sky studio completely.

I have a feeling we will win however as Carlos will tactically out think and plan Cooper, just like he has done at least once to every manager since November.

if we dont win i'll be disappointed for sure, but probably not as much as any Florist supporter if they dont win, its their biggest day for years bless em, to us the playoffs are water off a ducks back, and we're quite good at them.

We have just endured Sunderland week on Talksport and I notice Forest week started bright and early this morning. What an embarrasing bunch of shits they are.

I think we’ll be playing the officials as well. Big money wants Forest in the PL and will be putting pressure on the ref to ensure it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Town player sent off or another dodgy penalty awarded against us.

Ultimately it may be we have most possession, play lots of good inter-passing football but Forest punish us for wayward passing and sting us on the break... I hope not obviously, and I hope Forest have an off day...and that the ref calls out the gamesmanship Forest are quite good at too.

The idea that NFFC are favourites to win on Sunday needs addressing. Since Christmas Day htafc have collected 53 points from 25 games, only losing 2. In the same period Nffc have 49 points from 25 with 6 detests. Sunday will be difficult and we need to be at our best to have win.

Calvin Plummer

Viv Anderson
The media have been blowing smoke up their arse for weeks now. Just have a look at how politics works, and how the lemmings follow what the media tell them. Those sort of Forest fans will have been hooked in so easily to thinking this is a shoe-in for them.

Really don’t care if the media do focus all their energies on Forest before the game, it will make the rapid reverse pedalling really interesting to watch if we win and they have to come up with a narrative to explain why we have exceeded expectations.

Was listening to the BetFair guy on Talksport today and it seems we are the biggest outsiders to win a Play Off final for 10 years.
I assume this is based upon:
We finished higher in the table.
We got more points.
We have got more points since Christmas.
We have far better form over the last 6/8 games.

Now I know why I stopped betting!

I think we play, playoff football. We can do exactly the same things we have been doing all season long in the final.

I'm almost dreading the result, as we can only look forward to a turgid Premier league season as reward for winning this game.
2-0 town and that's without any rose tinted glasses.

Hopefully the money is spent more wisely this time, and if we lose I'll look forward to championship football next season

I have a feeling its a bigger game for forest's future than ours and the pressure is going to be huge on them.

Had a browse on their forum, our set pieces seem to worry quite a few of them, they aint as ovet confident as i thought they would be.

When we get pummelled
This is what we'll sing
We are crudders we are crudders
Give warnock a ring

Trust me Warnock is going nowhere near my ring!

God some panickers on here. We’ll tank these lot by a couple all the pressure on them and they’ll bottle it as they did at Bournemouth and nearly did at home to SU

Worrying about our cup game with half a side out and someone earlier taking Worrall up like he’s the championship Van Dijk - he couldn’t lace Colwill’s boots

No way they can match our spirit and…….

Who the hell finished 3rd in the league- them or us?

Bottom line - there is no pressure on Town whatsoever. 3rd place finish and the fantastic season they have had is beyond all expectations.
Super hype around Forest can play havoc with peoples minds. The pressure is all on them to perform and win now. We have all seen in the past how this can get to players in any sport.

Just been on their board. They're very confident. One poster put 'all we have to do is beat Huddersfield fucking Town".

Would that be Huddersfield fucking Town who beat them at theirs, beat Fulham at theirs and finished above them (forest)?

If it goes to pens we're as good as promoted.

I wish I had their confidence. Where do they get it from?

Years of frustration, listening to stories of the old days..Now listening to experts who are telling them that Forest are huge favourites.

Mark my words, Forest supporters are well aware how good a team we are, they should prepare for being defeated, by in my opinion the better manager, and the players that are driven to win.

They are a bunch of arrogant knobs another lot who think their a big club, FFS they couldn't even fill their ground during the big European games and a worst final you will never see when they played Malmo.

I saw a poll on a Forest forum and it had 100% Forest win, nothing like being confident is there?

Who shall we buy off them when we win?

A few of their fans.

Brennan Johnson’s dad.

If we win on pens buy Samba just to see him sit on the bench and watch Nicholls every week.

Buy James Garner off of Man Utd ahead of them when they try to buy him in the summer.

Don't think any of the players they own, who are better than ours in those positions, are good enough for the premier league.

Why is attendance such a dick waving contest for some? Town's hard-core support is brilliant.

I was chatting to some Giants fan's who told me that if they had not got to the final they would have come to watch Town but cant afford to do both, plus Nottingham is 62 mile's closer to London so it will be cheaper for their fans to travel.

We appear to be shifting tickets in block 527/526 at a greater rate than 525 & 524 this is the last "Town" block before the Forest seats. I do hope its not a ploy to stop any chance of a reallocation of tickets to allow forest to gain some extra seats, now that would be proper nasty. What with Town being given an extra allocation in midweek it must be a pretty bitter pill to swallow for the hoards of forest fans wanting tickets.

Absolute fucking shitshow from all concerned. Forest should've been given 42,000 from the start.

Is it lost on those thick ******* that if they’d held on at Hull they’d have finished third and had the end with more tickets. What a shame.

I’ll absolutely love it if we do them on Sunday.

The best posts I've read on the twigs forums this week is that

"Their ticket office received 100,000 ticket enquires for the final"

"Club Wembley have received their biggest ever request for tickets"...what even more that Liverpool, Citae, Chelski etc etc

"They could have filled Wembley themselves"

I think they're starting to even eclipse the 'Massive' on their delusions of grandeur

These lot are up there with the most arrogant morons in football, no wonder they are disliked by all the other midland clubs.
I really hope we get a lucky goal, or they score a comedy gold own goal.

I am pleased VAR is available for the Final . Let’s see if Moss has the balls to award a penalty when the ball is crossed for the first corner.

Worrall cannot resist a good shirt grab !

Garner goes full Sumo wrestler!

I rarely get ahead of myself with Town, but when I look at the poll on here versus the match day thread on the Forest board, it's chalk & cheese. It means nothing in reality, but I'll let you guess how many people have voted for a Town win on their site, versus the number that have voted for a Forest win on here...

If we play at our best, we beat them all day long!

Really hope we boil some piss this weekend.

“Teams like Huddersfield”

One nil to town - we’ll get them on a counter attack like we did at the city ground. All the expectation on forest so I expect they’ll be more open

Also forest haven’t managed the big games well - Bournemouth away and sheff Utd second leg. I think we’ll have more discipline and better game management

In all games that I have seen them play, they are running on fumes from minute 70 onwards.

I am naturally a pessimist, although with that I then don't throw a hissy fit when things go wrong, and my incline is we can't afford to go behind against Forest. If we go behind I reckon we'll struggle to get back into the game and are more likely to get picked off and give the Forest and plastic armchair fans what they want.

It's a shame Davis is back too, as he offers something totally different, which will give Carlos and the CBs a headache. At times he's like one of those overgrown kids in the u15s that just knocks all the others out of the way.

Who are the Sky team tomorrow

It'll probably be Prutton, Dawson and Murray. With a back up of Shilton, Anderson, Clarke, Burns, Lloyd, McGovern, O'Neill, Birtles, Woodcock, Francis, Bowyer and Robertson.

Anyone on the 9:40 from Leeds look out for the hungover bloke trying to stomach a Guinness, come give me a pat on the back and tell me everything is going to be ok

Just been chatting to a Forest fan in q lift at the hotel I'm staying at. Within 30 secs he was telling me that thousands of their fans have bought England U21 tickets to get a booking ref to enable purchasing tickets in our end and I should be careful who I'm sitting next too. I just laughed and said "I'm sure I'll be fine" and departed with "if only crowd size equated to success on the pitch" as I exited. I actually despise these guys more than Wednesday or Leeds fans. At least they do have the crowd history to back up their massive bellendness

Just walked through Trafalgar Square; my young mate let on to two older Forest fans with a polite nod - the response: A snarled “F**k off” I just don’t get it if I’m honest.

Hey guys. I sincerely hope Forest batter you this afternoon resulting in their promotion and keeping you lot down so you can play the likes of Rotherham and Wigan next season. Forest will make a FAR better fist of the premier league and will be a nice welcome back alongside my team Leeds utd. The good news is though 1/11th of your first team will more than likely get his own promotion and that will be Lewis O Brien when it's probable that he will join our squad next season.

Leeds did scrape it, I agree (before you start with that old chestnut) but we are still in the division and no one can predict next season.

So here is to the likes of Brennan Johnson, Djed Spence, James Garner and Sam Surridge giving you a rough time this afternoon. From a lovely Leeds fan.

I’ve just had one call me names at Watford Junction station, just laughed, it’s the big club mentality, oh wait, they’ve not been a big club for decades.

Must be the pressure they’re feeling.

Come on town let us shut the arrogant fu**ers up!!

Is there a shittier chant than that stupid "You Reds!" thing that the Notts fans do?

It's the verbal equivalent of chestwanking

Calvin Plummer

Viv Anderson
Match thread:

And we're off.

Sarr makes me nervous!!!!

Giving it away too easily at the moment. Need some cooler heads to keep possession.

Garbage from both sides.

Bit disappointed that Sky haven't shown that Forest strikers dad in the crowd yet. Been waiting aaaaages.

OG. Gave the player far too much room the play that in. Really need to look more attacking from this point on. Thomas the only player doing anything going forward.

Too slow and ponderous going forward. A big game so get the nerves and pressure BUT Carlos needs to change something at the half.

Been a poor game to be honest but they deliver a ball into the box with pace and it’s in off the defender.

The players who would struggle was obvious and they have done. I understand Sinani for his set pieces but he kills our hopes in open play by dallying on the ball and getting tackled.

O’Brien and Thomas have given us a bit of energy, but otherwise that was poor. Nerves are completely understandable, but you’ve now potentially only got 45 minutes left of your season. Go out there and give it some.

Pipa anonymous, Sinani ineffective. Levi couldn't do much with the goal. We dont look like we might score, they look more threatening. An early goal 2nd half would be useful.

They shit themselves when Sheff Utd threw bodies forward. Got to try and keep it 1-0 and they'll drop deeper and deeper to protect their lead.

Plan a almost worked, for 0-0 at half time.. But now we're having to attack and that's right up forests street.


Does never learn this three at the back try to push Toffs and Pipa forward hasn’t worked for ages go 4-4-3 you donkey the space down the channels Spence is loving this I can’t believe these tactics given how we have used them before and we struggle.

Asking a lot to keep Forest at bay and break as and when. Second half we have to be more proactive. Leaving more spaces potentially at the back.

Easier said than done though. First leg Sheff Utd tried to press high up and got tore to bits. It's a fine balance and we probably just ended up that little bit too deep on that attack.

We have to change things now, our use of the ball going forward has been very poor. We will now have to chase the game which is what exactly Forest want. We need an early goal or this could be a very long and painful 45 mins.

We have to change things now, our use of the ball going forward has been very poor. We will now have to chase the game which is what exactly Forest want. We need an early goal or this could be a very long and painful 45 mins.

I don’t think we did badly in that half at all. Matched them and a shitty goal only gives them the edge. We have enough on the bench to change the tide again. I honestly think we will win still. Believe.

Disappointing so far. Lacking any kind of cohesion. Forest have looked poor but we haven’t looked like creating chances either. Hopefully we can get Jordan on the end of a couple.

Well I have to say VAR made that look like a pen.

Fucking *****. That is a pen. Refs looking after their own.

They had all them angles where you can clearly see contact yet pick the one to slow down where it doesn't look like it. Sham.

Ffs am still screaming at the Tele that was a stone wall pen & a total disgrace that it wasn't given!

Its a clear pen. Playing 343 is a disaster. He's done well to get town to here, playing these players in this system in any game let alone a play off final is asking for trouble.

Someone ought to get a message to the Town players to let them know they are losing and show some fucking urgency.

Getting a bit silly now. Two pens in a row there.

FUCK VAR. What is the fucking point? please tell me.

VAR no foul, we want Forest going up.

This is actually a joke. That 1st pen shout they had to find an angle to bullshit it. This is ridiculous, the 2nd is a clear pen also. Not even checked.

2 stonewall penalties denied. Fuck Tierney and Moss the cheating *****.

Have we even had a shot?

Agenda is clear they want forest up.

1 stonewall penalty and 1 very questionable appeal not even looked at by the ref. Even the commentators bringing it up.

Town have looked better second half but still lack urgency. Won’t miss the premier league games but the money would have been good to get Hoyle paid off and the club on a stable footing.

Town need to have a look at them self also for letting that many forest fans in our end, fucking disgraceful.

Fucking robbed.

Calvin Plummer

Viv Anderson
Post Match:

Very dissapointed with Town today, forget the penalty claims, not one single shot on target the entire game, Forest keeper did not make a save in anger.

No creativity today. Not one shot on target. Deserve nothing.

We deserved that we didn’t play that first half perhaps we should have had two pens but that wasn’t the correct approach far too conservative but you’ll get everyone saying we punched above our weight blah blah but cmon was that the best we can play no shots on goal ultra cautious bollocks tbh.

If you listen very carefully you can hear the sound of Sky as they shoot their load over Forest getting into the PL. Still not seen that strikers dad in the crowd yet. Did he even manage to get a ticket?

Can't wait to watch them get battered on MOTD next season.

Fucking lame town. Embarrassing!

Shut up you stupid ****.

2nd one more of a pen, but you cant go 90 minutes in a playoff final without a shot on target and blame injustice. Poor in the final third. Not that fussed to be honest, looking forward to next season, and Forest finding out it isnt all sweetness and light in the PL. We just didnt play well enough on the day.

2 shit teams playing shit football there. Caused mainly by town trying to be smart and for a reason I'll never understand, playing 343 with sarr at the back in the play off final. Im not quite sure why he didn't play the lads in their best positions or what he can see that I cant, but hey ho. Championship is a much better league.

I thought we were the better team and had two stone wallers turned down. The ref was paid off and we did not disgrace ourselves, far from it. If we can keep this team together then we absolutely must invest in a better striker.

Blatant penalty but we were pretty rubbish. We've won alot of games being rubbish this season but that was one too many. Don't feel too upset, we go again next season but really need a quality striker and another playmaker.

That was a fix. Pure and simple. There is no other explanation. I hope Moss and Tierney enjoy their bungs the corrupt *****.

Zero shots on target, hardly robbed.

Only positive is that fat **** Moss won’t be reffing anymore games. What a absolute useless fat pudding that fella is.

Town didn’t do enough to win today, should have had to penalties but we didn’t defend their goal well enough. We weren’t good enough in the end.

For all our lack of creativity, Nicholls didn't really have a proper save to make either. An OG and a VAR swindle the difference in an inevitably poor spectacle.

I dont feel at all robbed. Would have been nice to get the pen, but performances like that dont make me feel that we could have made any mark in the PL, whereas we have every chance of another decent season in the championship. How we got to where we did without the playmaker and goalscorer most of us were calling for in Jan is the thing that makes this season a real success. Think I will be over this by tomorrow morning. Fuck the PL, and you can stick last spot on MOTD up Linekars arse.

Just to be clear...I don't mind losing on a level playing field...but today...A PL ref is appointed to ref an important EFL game. Who do the PL consider most likely to enhance the "product" of the PL? Have a guess.....

They could have put a fucking axe through the head of a couple of our players in the box today and we still wouldn't have got a pen. Cheating, cheating bastards.

All you VAR fans happy now?

Fuck VAR
Fuck embarassing clapstick..why ffs?
Fuck scabs

Oh and Fuck the Premier League.

Forest fan in the bar I watched the game. Went to congratulate him and did say they were lucky.

“Just hope we get 13 points next season”

Was all he was worried about...

I hope they get battered in every game they play next season.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Huddersfield look at legal action for those 2 penalties. I think everyone, including forest thought those were penalties.

Legal action what are you on about?

In terms of the penalties, people think that var overturn things like the ones we could have had in the semis. They don't. Unless it's some innocuous handball of course. If they were both given today they wouldn't have been overturned the other way.

Congrats to forest. They have earned their go at the prem. They will now have to get used to being the very small fish among huge egos

The Forest player that fouled Rhodes crossed himself when the VAR decision came though!

We were second best. I think the game plan was to go into half time nil nil and go from there as we seemed to do. The problem was we conceded right at the break and forest didn't need to come at us.

I didn't expect us to win this, forest are a good side. My concern is we are going to lose toffello, thomas, and O'brien and not replace them with decent alternatives.

How many saves did Samba have to make? Never mind the penalties that weren’t given, we didn’t test Samba even once.

Very little quality from either side, they defended well but any fan of a premier league team watching that will be thinking that's a definite 6 points next season.

Forest did exactly what we would do if we scored first. Sat back and Invited us to come at them we just didn't have the ability to create any real chances. Should have had a pen yes. I don't feel like we were robbed though In the grand scheme of things though. Fairplay to Forest, they'll be back down here the season after next.

Must admit, I thought the O'Brien one was no way a penalty in real time. Just seen the replay of it now. Fucking hell. As clear a penalty as you'll ever see.

That was my view entirely. Thought it was less clear than the Toffolo one but, having seen it back, it was more of a penalty.

We got robbed but let's face it, we were absolutely shite, as were Forest.

I shall reflect on matters and respond in full later, once home. But the instant thought is that the comments about not having had an adequate go at Forest are spot on. We allowed them to control the pace of the game. If we had attacked at speed from the off, we would have really scared them.

First "penalty" was an embarrassing dive. The second was a stonewall penalty.
Don't get me going on Moss' tolerance to Brennan Johnson. To be fair to Spence, he was pretty good. No real shots on target by EITHER side summed things up.

Forget the penalty incidents we’d t really at a glove on them.

Do you mean lay a glove on them? Neither did Forest on Town.

They dominated the first half and scored. They didn't need to second half.

Think Forest will finish ahead of Fulham and Bournemouth next season. And hopefully L**ds.

Disagree think forest will struggle big time next year. Johnson won’t hack the big league, boro want £17 million for Spence . Zinkerman and garner won’t come cheap . Bottom of the league with very few points my prediction and I’m not trying to be mean. Thought they had the luck and a fat referee to push them over line today.

2 clear cut penalties.
This needs investigating.
We’ve been robbed.

The footballing authorities clearly want Forest to be promoted. The fat **** in the middle was on a bonus and he earned it.

VAR itself is brilliant. But if there is still a cheat behind the monitor then it’s useless.

I've had Leeds fans, Wednesday fans, Everton fans, Man Utd fans, Southampton fans, Bradford fans and even Eastleigh fans tell me we were robbed. Such a gutting way to lose.

Calvin Plummer

Viv Anderson
What went on in the middle tier? We were right at the back of the lower so couldn't see it but there seemed to be a lot of things being thrown back and forth. Had a look up as we wandered down at full time and it looked like more Forest than Town up there. So much for being thrown out if in the wrong area.

Loads of Forest fans in the town end, massive fuck up that so many got tickets in our end, the stewards stood there looking at them and did nothing. Wouldn't have had any sympathy for any Forest fan if they'd have been chucked over the edge. Bottles, coins, flares thrown back and forth.

I never saw any bother and although some of the Forest fans were utter mongs, many were fine and there was some decent banter. Town fans so quiet today.

Went off in concourse below at half time saw a forest fan get his teeth smashed out, wasn’t pretty and blood all over. Guaranteed he didn’t have a good day.

Blue zone 3rd tier 80quid tickets surrounded by them. Problem was that they were hooligan element and the town fans were not. Stevvy is right the stewards just observed. Who sold them the tickets?

It was the top tier, south side right on the half way line rows about 18 to 20, block 546/7... about 30 youngish Notts Forest males of the hooligan element all sat together. At half time families going up to the stewards wanting to be moved.

On the way out about half a dozen coppers on the concourse in a line, but I reckon just making sure there was no trouble.

There were also loads next to us in the middle tier right behind the goal.211/212. All gobbing off and taking the mick. Can't believe they were allowed to stay.

Disagree, I was there. They were actually ok. Yes, few in stone island clobber but restrained and respectful even at the end. Fair play to them…….no singing or provoking, two I spoke with one works in Huddersfield but supports Forest but nice lads.

I’d do the same if in their shoes with so many empty seats.

I was there and some of them were goading Town fans and it was intimidating for families. They only stopped when stewards and a few police officer surrounded them.

As a treat I bought two tickets for me and my daughter from a hospitality company , paid far too much for far too little for seats in club Wembley that I reckon are equal or worse than the 85Pound / 90 pound tickets and I embarrassingly paid way more than that to be on row 2 block 211/212 in amongst around 50 forest fans many of whom where in their 40`’s possibly 50’s behaving like chavs singing we’ll sit where we want …where Nottingham forest we’ll sit where we want .

There was lots of older town fans in there that will also have paid a fortune only to have their day ruined by these scrotes .

My advice is never to buy hospitality tickets as this is the route opposing teams supporters take when they buy tickets for the other teams end when their end maybe sold out ……….nothing town could or can do about it.

End of the day we should have sold out our allocation. A Forest fan was behind me, he was a laugh, and had banter.

Town end full of too many mums shouting for everyone to sit down. Fucking shite atmosphere at these finals.

Was with many forest fans on the way down. All sound lads tbf.

They both looked like penalties to me, but lets be honest, our players were looking for them. It was pretty embarrassing seeing them go down at the slightest contact in the box then waving their arms around at the ref for something. It all seemed pretty desperate.

We defended excellently and have had a great season. The reason we lost is that we hardly had a shot or threatened their goal all game. Fine margins, sometimes they go for you sometimes they don't.

Every Forest fan i spoke to on the train home thought we were far the better team and only fine margins decided ther game.

Football is dead, that's about as corrupt as it can get yesterday in a game that is worth so much money to both clubs. I really aren't sure how Forest fans can celebrate that victory knowing that its basically cheating that promoted them.

I thought Johnson was poor and really quite niggly. Why all the fuss about him prior to the match? He will not do well in the Premier League.

Completely agree, a decent defender and the top league has an abundance shuts him out of the game. He’s NEVER going to make it at the highest level, my prediction . Time will tell.

Forest fans inside ground created a decent atmosphere I felt. Fair play they seemed to enjoy themselves.

The Forest supporters were pumped, understandably. The lads in our box were so up for it, they’ve been starved of any sort of success for nearly as long as we were before the PL promotion.

Hopefully if any good comes out of that dreadful shitshow the club will stop with those fuxkin embarassing clapsticks.its just a stick for everyone to laugh at us.
Absolutely shite and 5 years out of date.

You might as well say our support is fucking shite so we give everyone a stupid price of cardboard to clap like you're at a kids sports day. That and the acres of empty seats. Rubbish to be honest. Any other club we would be giving them pelters.

I've learned that we were down as 3/1 to win that game which is ridiculously long odds. And that Forest's owner has been involved in match fixing in Greece. And the media interest lay in forest winning. I'm now facing a decision whether to just say ah well it was one of those things, or to call this out as a fix.

I still can’t believe no one is mentioning Steve coopers dad is an ex premier league ref/assessor.

I don’t really see the relevance. If he was employed currently then there might have been a tenuous angle. We lost the game for a couple of reasons yesterday, one of which will be talked about for yrs if we don’t reach these dizzy heights again…

Town have never won a game refereed by Jon Moss whilst Forest have not lost a game reffed by Jon Moss (7 wins and 7 draws).

This is being bandied all over social media and it's crap. Don't know about the Forest statistic but he refereed our away games at Crystal Palace and West Brom in our first season in the Premier League - both wins.

Football as we used to know it is dead, it is plain to see. The old days of getting promoted on merit have gone. Since our two years in the Premier League you can clearly see the agenda to make it a super league of only the biggest clubs. They have worked their top 6 bias for many a season, now they are determining that only the big clubs make it into the top flight. It is a business purely focussed on making revenue from domestic and international sales.

I could take the defeat yesterday quite calmly until I saw the penalty decisions on TV that just confirmed what is already known. That corruptness has put a big club in the PL and cost an honest, hard working club £170million. In any other line of business there would be an investigation.

I don't buy this deep state conspiracy nonsense, I just think it's plain and simple inept referees. We have seen a steady decline in refereeing and VAR was supposed to make it fairer. Can't see that it has. Just still get shite decisions.

I hope Leeds smash florist next season.... what an absolute set of cockwombles there fans are.

Hearing stories of Forest on level 2 in Town section, throwing beer / objects down, abusing family sections..

Must have some brass if they were chucking £7 pints about.

Chatted to a few Forest fans with no issues. One was very excited at the end and, unintentionally, clipped me on the top of the head as he had his arms spread wide in celebration. He was apologetic, we shook hands, and moved on. Sorry for anyone who got stuck with chavs. They should not be in our seats but the stewards were not going to police anything.

Wembley is a magnificent stadium but you are right about the atmosphere. Could see those singing in the few blocks near to me but could barely hear it as the atmosphere goes. It’s just too vast a space.
Sad to say, but even from our corner, Forest support drowned us out for large parts of the game. An atmosphere clearly CAN be generated in the wonderful stadium.

VAR - corrupt Bastards like E Division and K Division of Strathclyde Police -

Liiftd fo r nothing by them admonished I n the day waste of ma time in Glasgow no ... ju st cos your froman islsand we knew Howe to lie if needed be - that Lyon bastard Cole back wa s nervous arms crossed itching boedy Language would had got him caught in Fuckin London Road Anne mill street - a liar on Quest tv a out and out lair -

The cops in scranbelled eggs hats would’ve even caught ya colewell. -

Moss and var corrupt bastards - Police Scotland lookin fo r recruit Burger King uniform scruffey est cops in Britain - join t hem moss - fuckin sickening sickened with corruption today back to pub to drown sorro

At least Divisn four more honest and conference sick sick hurt and FUCK THE FA “E” and K.

Red Dawn

John Robertson
Man.. they're miserable aren't they? Sounds like most of them would have given up the minute they got to the PL anyway.

It'll be an enormous struggle (as it is for any promoted team), but I'm hoping we can do some damage next season at least?


Grenville Morris
Was this Raymondo!

'Liiftd fo r nothing by them admonished I n the day waste of ma time in Glasgow no ... ju st cos your froman islsand we knew Howe to lie if needed be - that Lyon bastard Cole back wa s nervous arms crossed itching boedy Language would had got him caught in Fuckin London Road Anne mill street - a liar on Quest tv a out and out lair -

The cops in scranbelled eggs hats would’ve even caught ya colewell. -

Moss and var corrupt bastards - Police Scotland lookin fo r recruit Burger King uniform scruffey est cops in Britain - join t hem moss - fuckin sickening sickened with corruption today back to pub to drown sorro'

Don't have a clue what's he saying!

I'm Red Till Dead

John Robertson
Thanks EZT.

Town have never won a game refereed by Jon Moss whilst Forest have not lost a game reffed by Jon Moss (7 wins and 7 draws).

Rubbish stats if are right.

Forest 4 games reff'ed Forest wins 50%, losses 25%, draws 25%
Hudds 8 games reff'ed. Hudds wins 25%, losses, 62.5% draws 12.5%

Edit: And these figures include yesterdays games so Forest's wins would be lower, as would Hudd's losses.

Sorry Calvin I saw your comment and thoght EZT did these posts. Thanks Calvin for posting these and to EZT and yourself for all the fan comments throughout the season. I'm sure they are as appreciated by everyone else as much as they are by me. :congored:
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Red Ray's Redlist

First Team Squad
Lots of really sound Town fans around. Took the defeat much better than we would. If those penalty decisions were the other way round we'd have been devastated.

Sad to say biggest bell end I saw was a Forest fan looking for trouble after we'd won. Nothing happened but he picked a young Huddersfield fan minding his own business to deliberately barge into and stare out. Town fan stood his ground and gave him a non-threatening smile back, and good lad for doing so. No wonder some clubs think the worst of us.


Bob McKinlay
I do feel for them. It's rubbish losing a play off final (I assume anyway!) and they've had a really good season which has ended with nothing. Think in their position with at least one of those pen decisions I'd be fuming too and probably cursing their team.

But the better team got promoted, not just on the day but over the season too, sat least since Cooper came in anyway. Forest best them three times already and really should have been all four.

The best three teams went up this year.


May not be the best moderator on LTLF, but he's...
Thanks Calvin and Eezzeetiger for your fantastic work this season - it really is greatly appreciated and makes the forum a better place
Long may it continue


May not be the best moderator on LTLF, but he's...

Plastic clappers, a fucking drum and a bitter small-town mentality


Stuart Pearce
Piss poor support for a Championship play off final from them. Actually felt slightly sorry for their players and manager; all that hard work and effort to reach Wembley and you are rewarded with that sort of crowd.

Never mind the Premier League, I'd question whether their fanbase even deserves Championship football. Without wanting to sound mean or elitist, perhaps League One is more suited to their fanbase.

Dr Sheldon Cooper

Geoff Thomas
"Every Forest fan i spoke to on the train home thought we were far the better team and only fine margins decided ther game.

That's clearly a lie, no Forest fan on earth would think that "no shots on target" Huddersfield were the better team. They did fuck all in 90 minutes and got what they deserved, i.e. fuck all.

I also love the rationale that "we should've had 2 penalties" seems to equal (to them) that they should've won 2-1.
Firstly if given its a penalty not a goal, look at how many the Blunts had them saved to know that they are not a guarantee of a goal - even Lineker missed one against us at Wembley.
Second causality - who knows what would have happened if the first penno was given the shape of the game thereafter would have been totally different.


First Team Squad
Lots of really sound Town fans around. Took the defeat much better than we would. If those penalty decisions were the other way round we'd have been devastated.

Sad to say biggest bell end I saw was a Forest fan looking for trouble after we'd won. Nothing happened but he picked a young Huddersfield fan minding his own business to deliberately barge into and stare out. Town fan stood his ground and gave him a non-threatening smile back, and good lad for doing so. No wonder some clubs think the worst of us.

Agree completely. Was on the train back north with a bunch of Huddersfield fans and they were great. Don’t think we’d have been so gracious in defeat.

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Jack Armstrong
It coulndt have been a penalty, they are so prod of never scoring in a final, it just wouldnt fit the narrative


First Team Squad
Thanks Calvin. Great work work as always. What a season you’ve had.

“talking Worrall up like he’s the championship Van Dijk - he couldn’t lace Colwill’s boots”

“I really hope we get a lucky goal, or they score a comedy gold own goal.”

Clearly Worrall laced Colwill’s boot’s perfectly.


Grenville Morris
Sheffield United forum is a good laugh, as is the Swansea one. The Blunts are incredibly bitter :lol:

Thanks Calvin/Ezee - great work as always.


First Team Squad
Had the pleasure of speaking with several town fans yesterday, all in good spirit. The overriding feedback was that whilst they wanted to see their team win, they weren’t particularly bothered about the prize having experienced how uncompetitive they were during their stint in the premierleague.

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Youth Team
Huddersfield were second best but they should have won that game. Both those penalty shouts should have been given in my view. I'd have been massively pissed off if we hadn't got them if it were us. The standard of refereeing all season has been abysmal.

However, we were due some luck after the wrongly disallowed goals at Luton and Bournemouth which arguably cost us automatic promotion.
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