Gustavo Scarpa


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With Galatasary interested, I think he'll get away from us unfortunately this one.

tbf tho that club is in disarray. lowest league position in YEARS for them this past season, if anything he’s going to Olympiacos since they’re never losing that title spot lol.


Jack Armstrong
we are seriously interested on this guy. he is a quality player and his contract ends at the end of this December and that means he can sign as a free in 8 days, six months before his contract end. We are pushing for an immediate transfer though by paying a reasonable fee. Palmeiras don't accept it, they want the player to stay and they are denying the transfer. It's pretty difficult i think since they don't need the money and they can play hard ball denying all offers and keeping the player to the end of his contract to help them in their league and Copa Libertadores


just like that!
He looks like he can get out of tight situations on the field.

And one for the Hipsters.


Master Yates

John Robertson
I reckon it would be like the Lars Veldwijc episode, and he'd end up doing a runner!

I wish Veldwijk did a runner, but he couldn’t run (or play football).

Suspect you’re thinking of Wesley Verhoek, who also went on to be shit, so a close call….

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