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Does anyone remember League 1 Derby County?


Steve Chettle
Suspect his motivation isn’t to lead them to glory but try to save them from oblivion. Steady the ship, see where it settles and see if it’s more of a saleable asset to someone who will have the backing to try to drive them on.
I suppose the latest move is a ploy to look at the real figures and see what lies therein. And to find out exactly what has been achieved by others who came before, if anything.


Stuart Pearce
Looks like no liquidation...booooo

I have a feeling this will go through, but they will still massively struggle next season.

Dirk Furtull

John Robertson
My shagger mate has just told me it's all done. I said you can look forward to going to Oxford now then, he's not been to Oxford's ground so is looking forward to it.
Every cloud and all that.

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Orel Mangala Fan Club
He's doing it the correct way because it secures the major asset and as it's property which is his industry he is probably aware of other potential uses and future values.

Let's be clear he still hasn't bid for the club yet, that's also going to take time and the major hurdle of HMRC is yet to come.

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Presumably then, if he’s bought the stadium, that clears the liability owed to MSD (the mortgage secured on it) from the outstanding debt?


oopsy daisy!

That's interesting. As I understand the stadium was not part of the package and was still owned by Morris which means that this deal was being conducted whilst Kirchner was the preferred bidder?

If that is the case either these negotiations were taking place in the full knowledge that Kirchner would fall through so it makes you wonder about official statements at that time or they expected Kirchner to complete and have been left somewhat high and dry with an asset they can't utilise (for rent) unless they own the club?

Either way, Morris is happy because he's cleared that personal liability to MSD....


Bastards on the Road


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Bastards on the Road
The most significant part of that statement, imho

derby statement.PNG

My reading of this is that it is a temporary purchase.

They'll now look to find a forward bidder without liquidation and expulsion in the background.

But this isn't an investment, it's a stop-gap.

A new chapter, for sure, but still with some uncertainty.

The risk for Clowes Developments is that they've bought a (black and ) white elephant that they can't shift.


Ian Bowyer
Yeah he brought the Stadium but it allows him to buy the club easily now as well as really that was always the problem because Mel is happy now.

It seems like an impulse buy, "right place at the right time" rather than meticulous planning. But this is probably the best case scenario they could have hoped for. That's assuming he isn't a total clown (name appropriate) when it comes to actually operating a FC.
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