Amadou Onana

Berkshire Red

Geoff Thomas
Is he the Kante / Viera type we need? Looks like it.

As said above though, it's likely West Ham are in a better position than us!

Red In Scotand

Youth Team
I feel like we should rile up the scousers this season instead of Derby. More fun, more bites and we will actually get to play them!


First Team Squad
I could see interest from us, the guy is a monster, but maybe not from his side. I think this is the first guy we’ve been linked with who I wouldn’t blame for flat out saying no to us. He’s a step above where we are at this moment in time


Stuart Pearce
It's nice to be linked with these players, I just hope that we don't waste too much time trying. If they have interest from Arsenal I doubt he'll come here, but who knows.


First Team Squad
Although I know our chances of getting him are next to 0, it’s so easy to get enamoured with him. His YouTube highlights alone just give you Yaya Toure vibes. He eats up the ground


John Robertson
not a hope in hell , fine to be linked with a player like this , but i'll be happy if we can end up with someone like Orel Mangala or mady camara.
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