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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    If Awoniyi is any good then him and Johnson in front of MGW is an attacking force more than good enough for this league. Plenty of power, pace, trickery and movement.
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    Brennan Johnson

    Was at opening day of Wimbledon today.
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    (BUPA) John Ruddy

    Ruddy would be a decent back up option, much better than Hovarth, and really good if we can get him on a free whilst selling Hovarth for a fee.
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    Summer 2022 Transfer Window

    Styles would have been OK for Championship but we need to attract better now.
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    Joe Rothwell

    Disappointed. Thought Rothwell would be an excellent Garner replacement as a squad option at the very least.
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    The continued demise of League 1 (formerly known as Wayne Rooney's) Derby County (in administration)

    Does Rooney leaving mean his freedom of the village and statue is more likely or less likely to go ahead now?
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    Summer 2022 Transfer Window

    We went all out in the cups this year with more league games to fit in than we do this year, and really the prize we won at Wembley will dwarf anything we do this year. So we'll almost certainly go all out in the cups again. Forest to win the league cup at 66/1 currently...
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    A week in politics

    The problem the Tories have is that the overwhelming majority of people in Britain are decent, hard-working, kind folk - regardless of which way they vote. The Brexit stuff was a one off and now they are left with a man in charge who cheated on his wife whilst she having cancer treatment, has a...
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    Incident Involving Billy Sharp

    fuck um, too many blunt ***** who were very quick to castigate Forest for one fans action but will not accept any responsibility for employees of their club being in the wrong. Complete contrast to the absolute class of Forest fans after our own idiots actions against Sharp.
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    Summer 2022 Transfer Window

    That's how I see it too, but add a backup to whoever comes in as primary attacking midfielder, because sure as shit it's not going to be Joe Lolley. There's an awful lot of work to do to get players in, without even thinking about all the players we need to move on as well, of which there's...
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    A week in politics

    It's the only thing that keeps me going with work sometimes, and the incessant internal politics and unrelenting pressure, the knowledge that at some point I am going to tell my superiors I'm fucking the fuck off at 50, and they will have to carry on with their pointless waste of time at the...
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    A week in politics

    LGPS scheme is decent, default position should be to keep it like any other government DB scheme. Would need a very good reason to sell it, like a very large CETV multiplier for example. PM me if you want to discuss further Andy.
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    A week in politics

    I put in 28% of my salary (and my employer tops it up by 10% too) - and it's forecast to end up with a pot value that would be about the same as someone putting in 8% into a DB scheme over the same timeframe. So I have to put in 3x as much as 99% of current retirees did to get the same pension...
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    A week in politics

    Then not got a leg to stand on I'm afraid. It sounded initially like the landlord had whacked up the rent mid-term when the contract said fixed rate. Choice is to take up Landlord offer, negotiate it or simply find a different rental property. Personally if it was me I'd do the latter, as it...
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    A week in politics

    It won't be legal here if there is a contractual obligation which covers 12 month's of rent at £X per month with no clauses around inflation. If you're certain the contract says that then just tell her not to leave/pay more, citing the contract, and tell the landlord to take it up with the...
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    A week in politics

    Both the "paying someone elses mortgage" and the concept of home ownership making people happy was covered in the video I linked. It's really worth a watch, honestly, and that's not for one second to take away from the difficulties younger people are facing in the housing market (I know it too...
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    Jed Wallace

    Mowatt behind them both too. Maybe they'll sign Darren Pratley next.
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    A week in politics

    Yeah fully agree. For most people, owning a home does make sense, but for those with a bit of knowledge and discipline, renting isn't a black hole of cash that people make it out to be. I'm considering going from owning to renting for our next place. We'd like to move to a bigger place with...
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    Away Memberships 2022/23

    So do I, and I say that as someone who went to zero away games last year (young child nuked that) and as someone who desperately wants to go to Everton and Spurs away this year at a minimum. Just get rid of away membership, and do it on a tranche based system (like for play-offs and Wembley)...
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    A week in politics

    The data is somewhat inconclusive actually, believe it or not. What matters most in terms of dictating whether it's better to buy or better to rent is accessibility to high-loan-to-value ratios. If you can get a 100% mortgage then yes, over time it is better to buy than rent. But if you're...
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