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  1. Djed the Red

    Summer 2022 Transfer Window

    Twine - I am not aware there was any firm interest in him this summer, it seems to have been a hangover link from January. But I am not sure there are many examples of League One players stepping up to Premier League level outside of Dele Ali? Bowler - Didn't we reportedly bid £3m for him in...
  2. Djed the Red

    (BUPA) John Ruddy

    Ruddy, Ben Foster, anyone in the mould for the second choice ‘keeper is fine by me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Djed the Red

    Neco Williams

    I might be way off but it feels like ‘Boro were expecting a bidding war and it has fallen flat on its face. I think only Spurs and Forest were truly interested till Spence made it clear he his preference would be to go to Spurs. Now Spurs are playing hardball because ‘Boro, unless they want to...
  4. Djed the Red

    It’s MACRON!

    Being the son of a machinist (well till last year, we she decided to 'retire' to look after my son), I can 100% say that the quality of product you get from China isn't as good as the product you would get from the UK (I used to do a bit of summer work at the factory checking garments, so I have...
  5. Djed the Red

    Philip Aksel Frigast Zinckernagel

    The only reasoning I have for not signing him at that price is we are fairly confident of getting someone better at the '10' position and/or Zink isn't keen being a squad player and we prefer to get more consistent first team football. Plus he will likely win a few league titles and a few cups.
  6. Djed the Red

    A week in politics

    Using the example of a Sunday service... 🤨
  7. Djed the Red

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Glad we have got to the point in the offseason where we have to pretend to be the clubs accountant.
  8. Djed the Red

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    By the same logic we should sell Johnson because he is unproven in the Premiership and we might as well get the money now.
  9. Djed the Red

    Taiwo Michael Awoniyi Appreciation Thread

    I wouldn't say so, there is no certainty the latter is signing a new contract anyway. As we have seen, Davis can have a massive impact from the bench as well as a starting striker. With us playing with a front 2 (who do split wide), I'd say having 5, with a good mix of skill sets, age and...
  10. Djed the Red

    Happy 60th birthday Rockabilly.

    Happy birthday to a living legend!
  11. Djed the Red

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles

    My comment might of had more clout if I said Moses :ROFLMAO: . Rumour was we were after him he could leave Spartak Moscow after the war broke out in Ukraine? Don't know how true that is.
  12. Djed the Red

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles

    Not sure I buy this narrative that Spence may struggle under Conte. He manage to turn maverick winger come striker in to one of the best right wing backs in Europe. He seems to do a good job developing wing backs.
  13. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    Yes Calv, that is exactly it… Henderson will be a great signing whether he comes on loan or permanent. I’d just prefer for Forest to build for the longer term. Loans have their place, but I’d rather avoid yearly rebuilding jobs in key positions, as we are seeing this summer after losing our...
  14. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    Loans have their place.
  15. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    And now don’t we wish we had an agreement to sign him in place so we aren’t losing a key member of the squad who we have significantly increased the value of? But the point is, comparing what we did as a lower mid table championship team to what we are now which is a newly promoted Premier...
  16. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    Under Cooper, pretty every loan player we have had has increased their value, so £40m for Henderson after a year with us isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Like I have just said, I am sure Sheff United fans said exactly the same thing ‘as long as we stay up, worry about the long term next...
  17. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    I’m sure Sheff United fans said the exact same thing.
  18. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    So the reward for re-establishing him in the Prem and increasing his value is giving United a much bigger fee than what they would get now? Wonderful.
  19. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    Last season is completely irrelevant mate. Where we were as a club is a different planet to where we are now. If we bring in Henderson on a straight loan it is really short term thinking which next summer would likely see us worse than back to square one because Samba and Horvath will likely...
  20. Djed the Red

    Dean Henderson

    I genuinely have zero interest in taking any player on straight loan deals. We have to evolve as a club past developing young players for other teams to benefit from.
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