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  1. StuC

    The ‘I have something to say about Forest that doesn’t warrant its own thread’ Thread

    Why does the table say we made 610m profit in 20/21 season?
  2. StuC

    James David Garner

    If he doesn't get a chance after that 45 mins he never will
  3. StuC

    Taiwo Michael Awoniyi

    If you watch the next sprint Mighten v Niakhate, it appears the sprint is to the 1st white poles (you see Mighten duck for the line as if it's for a gold medal) the Awoniyi sprint footage starts after they have gone past it and he is slowing down but agree he didn't look that comfortable
  4. StuC

    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    I’m impressed the forum allowed a post that long!
  5. StuC

    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    I've read the post a couple of times and i don't see any bullying in Forestzoe's post, if she has put any untruths maybe as a member of the trust committee you could provide some of the facts. This post from Feb 2017 is still relevant today...
  6. StuC

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Whittingham but he never signed
  7. StuC

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    I’m not even sure where Gibbs-White fits in the team, is he to replace Johnson/Lingard? That sort of money should be on a proven striker
  8. StuC

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

    Some are already on Awoniyi's back after pre season starting him in this would have almost certainly had the same result as Surridge had, how do you think the fans would have reacted to Awoniyi being subbed off after 65 mins without a shot on target?
  9. StuC

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

    Audio now working on forest website
  10. StuC

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

    On the iphone app there is a listen button (not working yet)
  11. StuC

    Forest & PL 22/23 Unpopular Predictions

    Forest: Jesse Lingard will extend his contract Premier League: Ten Haag won't last the season at Man U
  12. StuC

    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    It's actually registered as the "1865 Supporters Society Limited" on Companies House/FCA
  13. StuC

    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    According to the minutes of the Board Meeting from November 2021 If the Trust Documents page is accurate then no Board Meeting has taken place since then so no upto date figures are available. According to the accounts of July 21 the figure was 809 (with 12 junior members) The Chair report...
  14. StuC

    Match Streams

    It's that time of the year again when we have to remind everyone that the use of streams to access football matches is illegal. There has been an upsurge in posts requesting/offering illegal links to streams of Forest matches and discussion of methods to circumvent licensing restrictions using...
  15. StuC

    Dean Bradley Henderson

    Let's pick up the phone and talk about adding an obligation to buy in his loan
  16. StuC

    LTLF Premier League Predictor 2022/23

    Harvey announced in the game that he was closing his league down so i created a new one so that people could continue to play should Harvey actually delete his league. Harvey's 2 posts in game Which is why I set up the new league straight away. And then we got a more detailed message...
  17. StuC

    Huddersfield Town Fan Comments

    This is a great intro to Marinakis, imagine if it was true!
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