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  1. Raymondo Ponte'

    St. George's Day

    Oh, to be in England Now that April’s here, And whoever wakes in England Sees, some morning, unaware, That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf, While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough In England—now! Getsum larrup daarn ya tmorrow folks...
  2. Raymondo Ponte'

    Finishing Where 19/20 Full Stop iyo?

    Right, get ya balls (and clitora or woreva its called) on a marble slab NOW. I will put all posts on toppa my 1940s wardrobe for forensic analysis :lol: We can all be right, we can all be wrong sometimes. At the end of the day, we're all speculators or doom merchants. Give it a good think...
  3. Raymondo Ponte'

    The MoNo party is over

    Weel win thiz leeg by a ****ry mile, jus keep the faith. Weev an absolute fantastic management who WILL DELIVER THE GOODS. I want all the skysports brigade to get on board eer, forget wotya brainwashed an put ya full faith an support by the guys that will put Nottingham on the map again. Forts??
  4. Raymondo Ponte'

    Victoria Wood dies :(:o
  5. Raymondo Ponte'

    Colin Hendry

    This cheeky chappy's had an up and down sort of life aint he?
  6. Raymondo Ponte'

    Cheltenham Festival 2015

    Kicks off this afternoon. Any tips most welcome ! (Where's he gone that Hurricane Fly poster?) I'm off to Southwell races today and watch the Cheltenham races on the big screen. U Redzzzz (What's that got to do we it?!) :lol:
  7. Raymondo Ponte'

    Wimbledon 2014

    Forget the football ! Who's going to win this bogger?? Murray no chance IMO, he'll have the typical British attitude - been there, done that. Only the "Greats" keep winning titles and he's no "Great". Womens? I've no idea, but nice to watch :hey:
  8. Raymondo Ponte'

    Ecuador v England

    Bit late for experimenting Woy? Come onnn Engerrrr laaannnnnd ! :tysonflag2:
  9. Raymondo Ponte'

    Injuries investigation There was something obviously wrong, it's unprecedented.
  10. Raymondo Ponte'

    Tony Benn dies

    The former Labour politician has succumbed to a long illness aged 88. I liked him. RIP
  11. Raymondo Ponte'

    England v Denmark

    Woy's last chance to look at his "stars" before naming his squad for the World Cup onslaught. :p Tutts will be beside himself in anticipation. Come on Engeeerrrland !
  12. Raymondo Ponte'

    Offishil thingy matchday summat Forest v Who is it??

    Sorry av ad one too many ....forgive me Flagman delete this tomora pleez UUUUUU REDZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PS : WA GEWIN UP !
  13. Raymondo Ponte'

    England v Deutschland

    It's the big one ! Are we all excited? Tutts? Can we attain any sort of result against the mighty Germans tonight? Come on Gerraaaaaard & Co..... Rip 'em to bits !
  14. Raymondo Ponte'

    Deadly duo? Could work.
  15. Raymondo Ponte'

    England v Poland

    Now this is massive. Can we negotiate this last huge hurdle? We need to silence the 40,000 or so Poles inside Wembley with an early goal. Pubs up and down the country will be full of Jam Rolls outsinging, outshouting and outdrinking us. We need to stay focused and concentrate on the job in...
  16. Raymondo Ponte'

    England v Montenegro

    Big game tonight, can we nick it?? Is that young starlet from Man U playing?? Come on EN GERRRR LANNNDD !!!!
  17. Raymondo Ponte'

    Send 'em off ! Said this on Saturday, if it's a blatant attempt then get the twats off. :mad:
  18. Raymondo Ponte'

    Trap a pony gone. Get Roy the boy in, owd Keany. He'll liven things up. Leave our Billy alone !!
  19. Raymondo Ponte'


    Step back and have a little think me ducks. Try your best not to lose sight of the important things.
  20. Raymondo Ponte'

    Slow starters

    We have an entrenched predictable routine with the first 20% of the campaign of not attaining enough points on the board. I fear this will not change with Billyboys usual cautious approach. In the last five seasons, nine out of ten clubs that gained automatic promotion flew out of the blocks...
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