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  1. Viktor

    The World Famous City Ground - Home of the WORLD‘S OLDEST LEAGUE CLUB

    It wasn't bad in Upper TE, got a couple of ice cold pints of Madri and then a couple of very cold bottles of water for the game.
  2. Viktor

    Steve Cooper is the MAN!

    Can't wait for the contract announcement video in PopWorld
  3. Viktor

    Moussa Niakhaté

    I'm going to get this guy on the back of my away shirt, he looks great
  4. Viktor

    It’s MACRON but not BOXT!

    Bloke in the shop today was saying to keep receipts because the sponsors would be out next week. Might be an Andy Reid week mind
  5. Viktor

    Orel Johnson Mangala

    He thinks we're all ducks He thinks we're all ducccccckkkksss Orel Mangala He thinks we're all ducks
  6. Viktor

    Cheikhou Kouyaté

    Perhaps we could put a rainbow banner on this guy's thread?
  7. Viktor

    Neal Maupay

    Is this the guy who really pissed off Arsenal once?
  8. Viktor

    The Great British Seaside.

    Think I saw that building in a Dani Daniels video once
  9. Viktor

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    I can't believe there was a small BeeGees discussion yesterday and no-one thought to get me
  10. Viktor

    The Joe Lolley Retirement

    Nice Lee Tomlin goal at the start for some unknown reason :ROFLMAO:
  11. Viktor

    Alternate Reality

    BJ looks a bit like Alfie Brown
  12. Viktor

    Now Playing

    Think Jehnny Beth is my dream woman
  13. Viktor

    Now Playing

    Do the twist
  14. Viktor

    The Big Fat History Thread

    It's a shame to read that, I often think that the stuff you get in popular book form often have these weird little mishaps (I work with books a lot) I'm a general reader, so it's doing a good job for me but totally appreciate someone might find it a bit disappointing if they're really 100% into it.
  15. Viktor

    The Big Fat History Thread

    I ended up watching these on my lunch break today, related to my posts above:
  16. Viktor

    The Big Fat History Thread

    The thing that struck me today (I'm only chapter 9) but just how young some of them where. A bit made me laugh when a 19 year old was put in charge of a tank, he asked a 40 year old to check the aims and the senior bloke told him to bugger off 😂
  17. Viktor

    The Big Finance, Money and Economics thread

    Blimey, you can't take a joke you.
  18. Viktor

    The Big Fat History Thread

    Finally getting around to reading this and it's absolutely fantastic.
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