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    Guardian Premier League Preview - Nottingham Forest Nice little write up about us in today's Guardian. Has us down as finishing in 15th place, which I would take in a heartbeat!
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    Roll Call - or should that be Cob Call?

  3. Col

    Davies Shake It All About

    You do the hokey cokey and you turn around, that's what it's all about.
  4. Col

    Championship As It Happens Thread 2013/14

  5. Col

    Never leave a game early... This wally did, missed Coventry scoring twice in the last ten minutes and phoned up the local radio to moan about it. :facepalm: :lol:
  6. Col

    Paul Ince is Black...

    ...pools new manager. ;)
  7. Col

    We're back!

    My working day can now be filled with forum browsing! Hooray!
  8. Col

    New Years Eve

    Go on then, what you all doing? :think: I'll be at my brothers drinking Mojitos and champagne while annoying the neighbours with my awful singing on the Lips video game. :lol:
  9. Col

    Anyone know the Leeds score? Lost 6-1. To Watford. At home. :lol:
  10. Col

    Alan Knill vs Squirrel

    Poor bloke, hope the squirrel is okay too. :pray: Alan Knill suffers squirrel accident
  11. Col

    Gary Brazil

    Been appointed as an academy coach, apparently. Former Notts manager, he'll work well with our new boss Tony Argentina. :yes:
  12. Col

    Don't mess with Norwich City!

    Unveil our new kit before we do? You're nicked son. :lol: A 17-year-old Norwich City fan has angered the club he supports by leaking pictures of its new kit 12 hours before the official launch. The football club called in the police after IT student Chris Brown published the images on the...
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    Club Statement,,10308~2642895,00.html The Board of NFFC announced today that arrangements for the future funding of the Club have been confirmed with the representatives of the Estate of Nigel Doughty. The new arrangements will cover the period up to the...
  14. Col

    Nathan Tyson is...SickNote!

    Coming to all shit football stadiums on February the 5th! Slight possibility that Tyson might feature against us. Knowing our luck, the bastard will play AND score. :lol:
  15. Col

    Nigel Doughty statement on OS

    Linky Still don't think it'll be enough for some. "puppet chairman in frank" etc...
  16. Col

    Shaun Derry, the "Championship Expert" predicts...

    Shaun Derry has written for the Daily Mail about who he thinks will finish where next season. He has us fourth, and Derby 18th (lol), but sadly has Leicester second. :( 1. West Ham 2...
  17. Col

    Leicester City rename the Crisp Bowl

    To the Kung Po Chicken Stadium. :yes:
  18. Col

    New England Goalkeeper shirt

    Sod the new away top, even though it does look rather smart. It's the goalkeeper top that's worth a look at. It's a real headache inducing WTF moment. :D :blink:
  19. Col

    New West Ham boss is...

    Sam Allardyce. Billy's amazing playoff record might have put them off. lol Link
  20. Col

    Paul Ince is...

    ...sacked by Notts, according to Chippers! :o
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