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  1. Harvey

    Next Captain

    Mods feel free to merge this with any other captain-themed threads but with Grabban's departure confirmed I thought it'd be nice to see who people think should be the next club captain.
  2. Harvey

    LTLF Premier League Predictor 2022/23

    Hi folks, if people are interested in doing a prediction league for 2022/23 let me know and I'll set it up. I should be able to transfer members from previous leagues but obviously it would be open to everyone.
  3. Harvey

    It's the Official LTLF Euro 2020 Predictor League!

    Hi everyone, so I've set up a predictor league on Superbru for those wanting to do join in for Euro 2020 You can find my pool here: or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code: totsroan
  4. Harvey

    The Margot Robbie Appreciation Thread

    By popular demand
  5. Harvey

    The Top Trolling! Thread

    What are your favourite trolling / f**k the establishment moments of all time? My favourite is still probably this...
  6. Harvey

    Lamouchi Trout!

  7. Harvey

    Brian Clough - Dog Lover or Not?

    Was he?
  8. Harvey

    RIP Diana Rigg

    My favourite Bond girl and the only woman to truly capture his heart RIP Diana
  9. Harvey

    Things That Freaked You Out as a Kid

    What scared you as a little'un? My brother is six years older than me and I remember watching this with him and it gave me nightmares!
  10. Harvey

    RIP Ennio Morricone

    Very sad to hear that legendary composer Ennio Morricone has passed away aged 91 Difficult to start with how great some of his scores are but you have to pick out his soundtracks to the Dollars trilogy as pure genius RIP Ennio
  11. Harvey

    Just Eat

    Or don't! Because they are a bunch of fucking shysters
  12. Harvey

    Replaying the 96/97 Season in Sensible Soccer

    Self explanatory really. I'll be replaying the whole season in Sensible World of Soccer 96/97. Can I avoid the drop? Matchday 1: Sheffield Wednesday vs NOTTINGHAM FOREST
  13. Harvey

    Epic Fails

    Couldn't find a thread to post this so thought I'd create one. Walkers' failed "Walkers Wave" twitter campaign which invited people to upload their selfies, what could possibly go wrong? Has the added bonus of making Lineker look stupid
  14. Harvey

    Marry a Band / Album with a Film or TV Show

    So this is something I just made
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