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  1. Viktor

    The Spirits thread.

    I'm sure you've all seen me banging on about whisk(e)y in the drinking thread, so thought I'd make a thread for all spirits. Any good deals? Anything to recommend? Anything you really like? Interested in something? Just stick it below, innit.
  2. Viktor

    Massive explosion in Beirut.

    Viewer discretion is advised, I won't put the video up but like the title says. Looks like something out of a film.
  3. Viktor

    The LTLF GT Sport competition thread - sponsored by The Sunday Cup.

    Here's a thread for those of us who like a bit of GT Sport. There will be time trial competitions where we will decide on who picks the track, the car, and the tires (usually will be winner stays on). Maybe one day we can arrange a proper race but we'll stick to time trials at the moment.
  4. Viktor

    2019 Wrapped: Spotify

    Had a great laugh at this today, it'd be great to see everyone elses 2019? Top artist: Arctic Monkeys Minutes streamed: 2,370 Top streamed song: One Point Perspective Top artists: 1) Arctic Monkeys 2) Jungle 3) Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 4) St Vincent 5) Gerry Cinnamon World citizen...
  5. Viktor

    Controversial music opinions.

    Got a controversial music opinion to get off of your chest? I do. I think Queen are bobbins. What are yours?
  6. Viktor

    The Red Dead Redemption 2 Discussion Thread (Sponsored by Red)

    Just because I'm excited, thinking of trying something new and I wouldn't want to clog up the games thread with RDR2 stuff I thought I'd give it it's own thread in this secluded part of the forum. I don't think anyone, including the gaming industry, took on this generation with a "build it and...
  7. Viktor

    The Travel Tips thread

    Don't think there's a thread around like this at the moment and generally I try to don't like to just rely on the web for tips so thought I'd give this a go. (And I maybe being a bit selfish as...) I'm off to Berlin for 3 days in May. Could anyone recommend any good cheap places to stay in...
  8. Viktor

    Identify Samuel's chocolate bar...

    ... No, honestly. Friend bought me this from Austria apparently. Anyone know what this is? What's in it? What's it called? Maybe we can make this a regular feature... [emoji38] Sent from the thunder suckle fuzz canyon
  9. Viktor

    The Final Fantasy thread - Sponsored by Harvey.

    We all know 8 was the best.
  10. Viktor

    The thread for trainers. What's on yer feet?!

    So I'll start with probably the strangest ones. Adidas Match Court animal prints. Seriously comfy, they're even furry!
  11. Viktor

    First gig? Best gig? Worst gig?

    Thought this might work well with the recent spate of musical threads. First gig for me was Prodigy in 2009 at Sheffield Arena. It was great, getting the train up with a couple of mates, stood about halfway between stage and sound booth thinking "I'll be alright here" before being thrown around...
  12. Viktor

    Happy birthday T.B.T!

    Hope it's a wonderful day! (Apologies that the picture isn't to your usual standards!)
  13. Viktor

    Sammy Jackson and the Rock City appreciation thread.

    Sad news recently that cofounder of Rock City unfortunately passed away. Over the years Rock City has been one of the most influential places for me. So I was wondering, what's everyone's highlights? Any great memories? Mine? Seeing Johnny Marr live for the first time, what a guitar player...
  14. Viktor


    Has died. Awful day. :(
  15. Viktor

    Johan Cruyff.

    Died of cancer today. Awful.
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