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  1. Strummer

    What are you drinking? (Sponsored by Congo_Red)

    Something a little bit special tonight; for the annual Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart, each of the local breweries brews a one-off, limited edition Volksfest Bier for the festival itself, and small quantities are available to buy in advance of the Festival - this is the offering from the...
  2. Strummer

    The World Famous City Ground - Home of the WORLD‘S OLDEST LEAGUE CLUB

    Let me give you an example of the fare available at the stadium of my local side, where I shall be going at the weekend for the local derby against SC Frieburg: Pizza (€4.50 for a large Detroit-style pepperoni) Bratwurst (two flavours, €3.80 for a large, locally produced tasty sausage in a...
  3. Strummer

    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

  4. Strummer

    Could we lose our identity?

    There were two options for a „World Cup“ stadium - Clifton and Gamston.
  5. Strummer

    Rumour Mongers

    Yes, the Turks are a good bunch (I am working on a major project with a Turkish team at the moment and am off there in September). Iran is complicated because of US sanctions; I have only met a couple of Iranians but they seemed absolutely sound.
  6. Strummer

    A week in politics

    Please, tell us your academic or professional credentials that allow you to make such sweeping statements? You may actually want to „do your own research“ yourself, and look at the death-totals for countries who adopted somewhat tougher mask-mandates and social distancing regulations, like...
  7. Strummer

    The World Famous City Ground - Home of the WORLD‘S OLDEST LEAGUE CLUB

    As a season ticket holder of many years before I emigrated, I have been saying this for years. It is inexcusable, and a damning sign that Forest simply don‘t care about the matchday supporter. And don‘t get me started on the standard of coffee at the City Ground.
  8. Strummer

    The Gardening thread.

    Which Golf course is that, Rocka?
  9. Strummer

    Could we lose our identity?

    The wasteland near Clifton is now going to be (another) enormous new housing estate alongside the A453, that the developers are trying to promote as some sort of utopia (it won‘t be, because it is in the arse end of nowhere *, with very few facilities, and I very much doubt their sales-team...
  10. Strummer

    Triffic Premier League Thread (still sponsored by Eddie Yates)

    He is Inspector Gadget.
  11. Strummer

    Huddersfield Town Fan Comments

    When one reads comments by the Hudders fans, I am yet again reminded of that great English philosopher, Noel Gallagher, who remarked: „Yorkshire isn’t a county, it’s a collection of idiots“.
  12. Strummer

    Wet Spam pre match comments

    In truth, they were fairly easy to spot, most had some permutation of „faaakkin ell“, „pie-n-mash“ or “jellied eels“ in the username.
  13. Strummer

    Michail Gregory Antonio

    Has the Forest kitman managed to extract him from Moussa Niakhate‘s shorts-pocket yet?
  14. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    I hate to say „I told you so“, but, I told everyone who would listen (and everyone who wouldn‘t) how he would fit into Forest‘s midfield.
  15. Strummer

    Orel Johnson Mangala

    Any love for my man Mangala today? Thought he looked pretty tidy. (PS - membership of the Orel Mangala Fan Club is open to all, for free!)
  16. Strummer

    Taiwo Michael Awoniyi

    Please see post #32 of this very thread.
  17. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    We slip and slide as we fall in love, but I just can’t seem to get enough oh!
  18. Strummer

    Forest Haiku Thread

    Lufthansa Wi-Fi Does not dampen victory Forest are magic
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