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    Paul Gascoigne

    I know this is only tangentially related to Forest, but Paul Gascoigne is coming to The Royal Concert Hall Saturday 9th January 2016, 7-30pm. The blurb says "Get up close and personal with a footballing legend and experience an intimate on stage interview with "Gazza"". If I could afford the...
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    Selling Advice required

    As I am incredibly skint at present, I am looking to be selling a few items to raise a few bob to keep the wolf from the door. I have 2 x "Shipstones" 1992-93 Home shirts, one L and one XL for sale. The advice I require is that is Ebay the best place for this, or is there some other place...
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    Ossie Ardiles

    ... involved in a car accident in the Falklands Apparently he is involved in making a documentary. Should be interesting viewing (I wonder if it is aimed at a British or Argentinian market).
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    Nostalgic article and programme on BBC concerning Nottingham An article entitled "How first out-of-town Superstore changed the UK". The Superstore in question was GEM, in West Bridgford (now ASDA). There is an accompanying programme on BBC2 tonight (September 2nd) at 2100.
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