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  1. Heffing Psycho!

    Stuart Pearce 31 From Sheffield
  2. Red In Scotand

    Youth Team
  3. JLingz Dancing Feet

    Formerly Djed the Red From Mansfield
  4. Captain Sinister

    Senior doom Monger From Vale of Belvoir
  5. Rogue

    Jack Burkitt 51 From Oxford
  6. LiarsBar

    A. Trialist
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  7. LegacyFanDan

    A. Trialist
  8. Souvik

    A. Trialist 43 From Calcutta, India
  9. ilson born and red

    A. Trialist
  10. Tree on my chest

    Youth Team From Manchester
  11. Redemption

    just like that! From out west
  12. Calvin Plummer

    Viv Anderson 21
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  13. StuC

    The Boss From LTLF HQ
  14. geordieforest

    First Team Squad From tenerife
  15. Mr. Blonde

    Jack Armstrong From Cotgrave
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  16. Fitzcarraldo

    Ian Storey-Moore 120 From Terra Incognita
  17. weejockmcplop

    Youth Team
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  18. Dirk Furtull

    John Robertson 52 From In the bath

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