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  • Flagman's flag-sensing technology (i.e. I looked round!) noticed something during the players' lap of thanks after the Scunnthorpe game at the weekend. Good old B-block. :)
    Camera at the ready...
    Was he a Derby fan? Haha! Had this been after the game, we would've had that camera smashed in our faces... lol
    Hey Jim,

    Liking your new avatar! Any avatar with me in it is a winner though. :D
    Hi Jim,
    I dont know if you noticed but Forest are selling DVDs of the Derby game at £8 each. If you have any trouble getting one let me know and I will mail one out to you.

    Hope you are feeling better and look forward to the next time. Steve
    If you're going to pick a game to go to, then Forest - Derby really is about as tasty as you're ever going to get. I've had the privilege of tickets for Arsenal v Tottenham, arguably the fiercest local rivalry...but that is NOTHING compared to Forest v Derby.

    It's the only game in a season that I genuinely worry about losing. It's too important.

    The atmosphere will be electric. It'll be cold, it'll be dark...it'll be brilliant. I'll see you in the pub beforehand! :D

    Keep the forum up to speed with your plans - in the worst case I'm sure someone will be able to rescue you from London if it all goes pear-shaped...
    I cut my teeth as a Forest fan with my Dad, in the Main stand - pretty much mirror image seats from where you are going to be. (block E, row B) - just right for gauging offside decisions, and the linesman is DEFINITELY close enough to hear you shouting! :D - that was back in the early 1980s

    It's been a long journey but my Dad and I are now in the Trent End, top deck, front row, level with the touchline on the other side of the pitch to you...that photo below was taken from my seat...
    They're not bad seats!

    A-Block is the end of the Main Stand nearest the Away fans (in the Bridgford end). B-block is the next block along. B4 is the upper-left section (if you take a bird's eye view). Row G is the 7th row back from the front of the section.

    In fact...
    A picture speaks 1000 words...
    Hi, Jim!
    Glad you liked the photos - I really should add some more from inside the ground and others that I've taken lately...

    Still - you'll get all that in a week or so!

    If you want a sneak preview of what view your seat will give you, have a look at http://www.3dcityground.com/ :)

    Stay in touch! :)
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