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  • Of course I will get tickets for you. Would that be one ticket or two? Also would you like to go to Reading on tricky Tree Travel. The fun bus!
    Hello sir! Long time no talk, and not to seem like I have just popped in for a favor, but... Leeds at home Dec 29th and Reading away Jan 1. Any chance you can do me a solid and get tickets to both those matches? A or B block for the home game, of course! Hope all is well in the land where your high temp is our overnight low.
    Hello sir!

    Long delay since our last contact, but is there any way to get a copy of the 5-2 dvd? I would still like one.

    I saw they are for sale, but like someone else said, I'm not sure they will work on an American DVD player. Anyway you can find out?

    Hi Steve,
    How did you go about booking your Billy Elliott tickets?
    Looking to go and see We Will Rock You, but I don't know what agencies to trust or just use Ticketmaster and bite the bullet
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