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    It’s MACRON but not BOXT!

    Yeah a little bit, I'd buy one without a sponsor with no issue but as a premier League side I can't believe we've got two games in without a sponsor.
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    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 3 - Everton vs Forest - 20.08.2022 15:00hrs

    2-1 Johnson both goals (for us :LOL: )
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    The Joe Lolley Retirement

    I'd take that as a retirement!
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    Tiémoué Bakayoko [BUPA]

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    What are you drinking? (Sponsored by Congo_Red)

    Ah likewise! Although I haven't actually got a Sémillon, just got a semi on...
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    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    FTFY [emoji3]
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    Could we lose our identity?

    You're right. There's no limits, we'll reach for the sky. No valley too deep or no mountain too high.
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    Triffic Premier League Thread (still sponsored by Eddie Yates)

    I think that's why I don't mind them, they've always just been 'there' but not become obnoxious enough to dislike (like Manchester United for example).
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    Does anyone remember League 1 Derby County?

    I love that Manchester United are bottom [emoji38] Kinda wish we'd played them instead of Brentford the other day, coulda given them a right kicking. [emoji3]
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    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    Me too! Does Match of the Day 2 end up on the iPlayer? I may struggle to catch all of it today.
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    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    Ok guys, we're currently in 10th place. Finish the premier League season now pls thnx.
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    Djibril Sow

    More chance of sowing the seeds of love
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    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

    Welcome to the club, Boner Venture!
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    Wet Spam pre match comments

    You love spam, but you don't know the spam song?! [emoji15]
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