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  • Anatoli,

    I've received a few messages from you which surprised me. I was nasty to you a few years ago after a few brandies. I assume you meant the message for someone else, if you haven't already sent the messages to the correct person you should do it now.


    Only just read this, do you want my account of Madrid trip but its nearly ten thousand words but you can cut bits of it for use if you want.
    Cheers Gaz
    Mr Picasso.
    The way you swerved,
    They had to triple mark you and still you swerved,
    Slowly, elegantly Mr Robertson
    You lifted it, you put it within inches of the man everytimewithininchesoftheman
    or sometimes you just

    Pablo Fucking Picasso


    In Red and yellow and
    always sneaking a crafty fag.

    Genius on the ball.

    Right back to left wing and someone, anyone really could nod the fucker in.
    Cubist genius. I'm running out of words for genius.
    What did you do for us ?

    You made us want to be the absolute best,
    Made us believe we were always that.

    Picasso, Mon Amor.
    The Wedding I never went to.

    The wedding I never went to, probably
    had Jesus as the vicar, naked bridesmaids and
    Bruce Forsythe as best man.

    There were probably fourteen horses pulling
    the bridal carriage to the cathedral, outside
    fourteen former boyfriends begged her not to do it, not to force them to
    fall upon their swords, as she went through it.

    The wedding I never went to had chocolate
    Champagne fountains. The guests included Marilyn, Elvis and
    Gandhi. There were tygers at the reception.

    The Spice Girls reformed to sing at the disco.
    Each guest received a golden Rolex watch in a goodie bag with a new pet monkey.
    Diamond suited butlers passed round silver slithers
    of Beluga caviar laced lobster tails.

    The bride and groom performed
    a live sex act on stage
    to rapturous applause.

    Guffaws of laughter greeted granny
    riding a giraffe.

    The cake was fourteen storeys high, the icing platinum
    at the wedding I never went to.

    The marriage will never last.
    I'm still trying to come to terms with mixing tuna with sweetcorn. Why not tuna and leeks or tuna and brocoli? We live in an age of food mixing nazis.
    If I'd have put Albert Ball on the front of that book and not on the back, I'd be a very rich man now.
    Good morning!
    I found a picture, and you are in it!

    How come Di just keeps getting taller? I thought women stopped gtowing at some point. When I first met her she was 4 feet seven. She was six feet seven last night.
    You're posting Visitor Messages which is like posting on the Wall on Facebook. Other people can view these messages. For Private Messages, you need to click on the Private Messaging thingy next to your user name. I'm still learning where everything is myself. lol
    Mark, if you go to your settings you can download a picture as your Avatar and then you'll no longer appear as a Question Mark. :)
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